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Hurricane Pioneer: Memoirs of Bob Simpson

Hurricane Pioneer

Memoirs of Bob Simpson
by Robert H. Simpson, with Neal Dorst

In 1951, Robert (Bob) Simpson rode a plane directly into the wall of a hurricane—just one of his many pioneering explorations. A meteorological icon, Bob was the first director of the National Hurricane Research Project and a director of the National Hurricane Center. He helped create the Saffir–Simpson Hurricane Scale; today, the public knows well his Categories 1–5. He is truly one of the greats.

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AMS Award Nominations

Deadline for Nominations: 1 May 2015

Sydney Levitus receiving The Verner E. Suomi Award from former AMS president J. Marshall Shepherd at the 94th AMS Annual Meeting.

The Council of the American Meteorological Society invites members and friends of the AMS to submit nominations for consideration.

These awards are open to all sectors of the Society – academia, government, and industry.

Photo: Sydney Levitus receiving The Verner E. Suomi Award from former AMS President J. Marshall Shepherd at the 94th AMS Annual Meeting.




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