Meeting of the Council
30 September and 1 October 1999
Boston, Massachusetts


President Frederick called the Council to order at 9:00 a.m. on 30 September.

Present: President Frederick; President-Elect Kimpel; Past President Rasmusson; Councilors Colman, Curry, Doswell, McVehil, Wakimoto, Brown, Spengler, Wallace, Emanuel, Leetmaa, MacCready, Wood; Commissioners Avery, Ban, Hosler, Rosen, Schubert; Executive Director McPherson; Secretary-Treasurer Spengler; Recorders Seitter and Annese.

1. Review of minutes

No amendments to previously approved minutes were required.

2. Approval of Budget

Based on information and discussion carried out online prior to the meeting, the 2000 Budget was approved without further discussion.

3. Approval of Fellows

Based on information and discussion carried out online prior to the meeting, the following 24 individuals were approved to the grade of Fellow without further discussion:

Phillip A. Arkin
John R. Bates
Robert F. Brammer
Kenneth H. Brink
Ming-Dah Chou
Robert W. Corell
Christopher W. Fairall
J. Michael Hall
Jill F. Hasling
Jerry D. Jarrell
Ants Leetmaa
Fred P. Lewis
John R. Lincoln
W. Timothy Liu
John McCarthy
Carlos R. Mechoso
Fedor Mesinger
Joseph M. Moran
Lawrence A. Mysak
Timothy N. Palmer
Aristides A. Patrinos
S. Trivikrama Rao
Harvey Leonard (Moskowitz)
James Anderson Smith

4. Approval of Honorary Members

Based on information and discussion carried out online prior to the meeting, two individuals were approved to the grade of Honorary Member without further discussion: James P. Bruce and Richard A. Goody.

5. Use of income from the reserve fund

Executive Director McPherson discussed the schedule for approval of special initiatives funded through income from the reserve fund and how initiatives were proposed by members for consideration. The Council recommended that the opportunity to propose special initiatives was not widely appreciated by the membership and that it should be publicized in the Bulletin and on the AMS Web site. McPherson said he would be happy to see that this happens.

6. STAC Commissioners report

Commissioner Rosen briefed the Council on STAC activities, including the formation of the Board on Urban Environment which is the first of potential several cross-cutting boards that can serve to foster interdisciplinary activities at AMS meetings. Statements currently under development for which drafts had been provided to the Council were discussed. It was pointed out that all require more work before being ready for approval, and in particular, all need to have executive summaries drafted. It was suggested that the staff prepare a set of formal guidelines to be provided to committees charged with writing statements. After some discussion on the possible reorganization of STAC, Commissioner Rosen agreed to establish a committee to study this issue.

7. Publications Commission

On the recommendation of Commissioner Schubert and the Executive Committee, the Council approved the following appointments and reappointments: JAS: Chin-Hoh Moeng, editor for a term expiring in 2003; MWR: Phillip Smith, editor for a term expiring 2002, and William Skamarock, editor for a term expiring January 2003; JPO: Peter Muller, chief editor for a term expiring 2003, and Lynne Talley, editor for a term expiring 2003; At-Large: Richard Orville for a term expiring 2002. The Council also approved the creation of a new editor position for JTECH, which Commissioner Schubert will seek to fill soon.

Commissioner Schubert described the difficulty of finding individuals willing to serve as editors for the journals, and said he appreciated the flexibility in the process provided by the Council. He then briefed the Council on some of the more significant issues facing the Commission, such as the new journals legacy project and work toward getting electronic supplements for the journals online. With respect to the latter, he previewed an editorial that would be in the January issues of the journals encouraging supplements, and received the endorsement of the Council. The production time of the journals was also discussed, and while it has been improving slowly over the past months, there was considerable feeling that it must get much better. It was agreed that the staff needs to have a plan for presentation at the January Council meeting that provides an average production time at Headquarters of 150 days for all journals. McPherson promised that such a plan would be developed. Finally, Commissioner Schubert briefed the Council on the new Letters section of JCLI, which he said could be a model for other journals if it is successful.

8. Named conferences/symposia and journal issues

Commissioners Rosen and Schubert briefed the Council on the results of their efforts to prepare a uniform policy on naming conferences, symposia, and journal issues after individuals, living or deceased. The proposed policy recommended by the Executive Committee was approved, subject to some minor revisions, by a two-thirds majority.

9. Professional Affairs Commission

Commissioner Ban briefed the Council on proposed changes in the terms of service by board members. The Council approved the proposal to allow two consecutive terms within boards in the commission, and the concept of appointing a "chair designate" or "past chair" for a board, as seen fit by the Commissioner.

On the recommendation of Commissioner Ban and the Executive Committee, the Council approved the following appointments and reappointments for boards within the Commission:

Board of Certified Consulting Meteorologists: Barry Richwien to serve as 2000 chair; Valerie Voss to serve a term expiring in 2004;

Board of Broadcast Meteorology: David M. Miller to serve as 2000 chair; Michael H. McClellan to serve as 2000 "chair designate"; James Jaggers and Samantha Mohr to serve terms expiring in 2003;

Board of Private Sector Meteorology: Gene J. Pfeffer to serve as 2000 chair with term extended to expire in 2001; James N. Cooper to serve as 2000 past chair with term extended to expire in 2001; Ronald Bianchi, Robert Cohen, and Maria Pirone to serve terms expiring in 2003;

Board for Operational Government Meteorologists: Ken Carey to serve as 2000 chair; Dan McCarthy, Jr., to serve as 2000 past chair; Michael J. Arellano term extended to expire in 2001; Christopher Abbott to serve a term expiring in 2003;

Board for Continuing Education: Stephen B. Newman to serve as 2000 chair; David Jones to serve as 2000 chairdesignate; Alan Eustis term extended to expire in 2002; Gregory Byrd and Paul J. Croft to serve terms expiring in 2003.

Commissioner Ban led a discussion on the draft live radar statement, which concluded with the action that the commissioner would go back to the drafting committee for revisions to the draft. The Council approved a new mission statement for the Board on Government and Operational Meteorologists, and also approved a new logo for the Certified Consulting Meteorologist program. Commissioner Ban reported on an ad hoc committee looking into recertification and a draft proposal for providing some level of travel support for board chairs. Neither of these items required Council action at this time.

10. Commission on Education and Human Resources

Commissioner Avery briefed the Council on activities currently underway in the boards and committees in the Commission, including the program for the upcoming education symposium. On the recommendation of Commissioner Avery and the Executive Committee, the Council approved the following appointments and reappointments:

Committee of Judges for Undergraduate Awards: Steven Koch to serve as 2000 chair; Stephen Colucci to serve a term expiring 2004;

Board of Meteorological and Oceanographic Education in Universities: Frederick H. Carr to serve as 2000 chair and to extend term to expire 2003; Stan Q. Kidder term extended to expire 2003; Jennie Moody, Patricia Pauley, and Steven Mullen appointed for terms expiring in 2003;

Board of School and Popular Meteorological and Oceanographic Education: Kevin A. Kloesel to serve as 2000 chair; JoAnn Mulvany and Jon W. Zeitler reappointed for terms expiring 2003; Jon Nese and Steven M. Graham to serve terms expiring 2003;

Board of Women and Minorities: Mishelle Michaels to serve as 2000 chair; Vernon Morris, Steven J. Richards, and Thomas A. Schroeder reappointed to terms expiring 2003; Carl Arredondo to serve a term expiring 2003.

Councilor Brown left the meeting at this time.

The Council recessed from 12:00 to 1:10, and during the lunch break in the AMS Headquarters Carriage House, Executive Director McPherson and Deputy Executive Director Seitter briefed the Council on renovations that must be carried out to the structure to make it sound and possible remodeling that would preserve the character of the space while making it usable as office space.

11. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Meetings

Councilor Wakimoto, chair of the ad hoc committee, reviewed the committees report and led an extensive discussion of its recommendations. The Council approved a motion to accept the report and use it as guidance on future AMS meetings. President-Elect Kimpel then briefed the Council on plans for the 2001 annual meeting that will incorporate a number of the recommendations of the ad hoc committee report, and President Frederick discussed plans for the 2000 annual meeting that will also text some new ideas coming out of the committee.

12. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on the Bulletin

Councilor Colman, chair of the ad hoc committee, discussed the progress made by the ad hoc committee in its study of ways to make the Bulletin more responsive to the membership and to the goals of the Ten-Year Vision of the Society. There was good discussion, and Councilor Colman said he would incorporate recommendations coming from it into the final report that he expected to have ready to present to the Council in January 2000.

Councilor Zevin joined the meeting during the next agenda item.

13. Awards

Past-President Rasmusson reviewed the report of the Awards Oversight Committee (AOC). Based on the recommendations of the AOC and the Executive Committee, the following awards were approved by the Council:


Susan Solomon


Kevin E. Trenberth


Michael D. King


David D. Houghton



Eugene W. Bierly


Karen H. Rosenlof


William H. Brune


WeatherData, Inc.



The Forgiving Air: Understanding

Environmental Change

Richard C. J. Somerville


Edward J. Hopkins

NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis Team


Bradley R. Colman


Scott Plischke


David R. Sanders

Peter J. Wilensky


Fred Brock


John B. McLaughlin


Mojib Latif


Warren M. Washington


Carl I. Wunsch





Monthly Weather Review

Colleen A. Leary

Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Luc Bissonnette

Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences

David L. Mitchell

Journal of Climate

Gerald Meehl

Journal of Applied Meteorology

Marvin L. Wesely

Weather and Forecasting

Adrian Marroquin

Journal of Physical Oceanography

Frank S. Henyey


Alison W. Grimsdell


Past-President Rasmusson indicated that the AOC was in the process of reviewing all terms of reference for AMS awards, and the Council especially expressed its desire for the terms of the Houghton and Meisinger awards to place a specific age requirement on these awards. A proposal for a Severe Storms Lecturer was discussed at length. The Council tabled the proposal until after the AOC completed its review of the terms of reference for existing lecturers so that this new lecture award, if approved, would be consistent with existing lecturer awards as revised by the AOC. A proposal for a Reviewers Honor Roll coming out of the Publications Commission was also discussed. It was agreed that Commissioner Schubert would take the comments coming out of this discussion back to the Commission for further refinement of this proposal. Finally, it was agreed that the AOC should consider during its review of all awards the recommendation from the Commission on Education and Human Resources that the Battan Award consider popular and K12 books separately.

The Council recessed at 5:30 p.m. and reconvened at 8:45 a.m. on the morning of 1 October, with attendance being identical to the preceding morning except for the absence of Councilors Brown, Spengler, and Curry.

14. Undergraduate Awards

Director of Development Armstrong briefed the Council on the report from the Committee on Undergraduate awards and the Council approved the following awards:

Howard T. Orville Scholarship: Wendy L. Carter;

Howard H. Hanks Scholarship: Paul G. Dixon;

Paul H. Kutschenreuter Scholarship: Jessica M. Kleiss;

Pedro Grau Undergraduate Scholarship: Israel L. Jirak and David R. Novak;

Guillermo Salazar-Rodriquez Scholarship: Jonathan L. Vigh and Robyn L. Shirk;

AMS 75th Anniversary Scholarship: Scott E. Giangrande;

Mark J. Schroeder Scholarship: Stephen R. Hudson;

Richard and Helen Hagemeyer Scholarship: Steven G. Decker;

Ethan and Allan Murphy Scholarship: Jason A. Otkin;

Father James B. Macelwane Award: James E. Coleman

15. Local Chapter of the Year Award

The Council discussed the proposal for Local Chapter of the Year and Local Student Chapter of the Year awards that had been put forward by the Local Chapter Affairs Committee and revised by the Executive Committee. The Council voted to approve these awards as proposed with the modification that the terms of reference indicate that the award may be given every year to be consistent with other AMS awards that are not required to be given every year.

16. Fellows Committee

On the recommendation of President-Elect Kimpel and the Executive Committee, the following Fellows Committee was approved for 2000: Gene Rasmusson, Chair; Mark Cane, Harry (Bob) Glahn, Roland Madden, Tom Skilling, and Pamela Stephens.

17. Election of new members

The Council approved for election those voting categories who were approved by the Admission Committee on 14 September 1999.

18. Honorary Member nomination process

Councilor Emanuel initiated a discussion on the means for which individuals are nominated for consideration for Honorary Member. It was noted that there is no formal nomination process but the Executive Committee solicits candidate names from the Council in January and develops background material for candidates during the spring for consideration at the July Executive Committee meeting. President Frederick encouraged all Councilors to think of good names to put forward and pass them to him at any time.

Councilor Spengler rejoined the meeting at this time.

19. Council procedures

The Council voted unanimously to approve changes in the language in the Bylaws and Organizational Procedures, prepared by Counselor McLaughlin, that would provide for e-mail balloting in addition to mail and fax ballots for both the Executive Committee and Council.

Having completed the only aspect of this agenda item requiring a vote, the Council initiated a significant discussion on all aspects of the way in which the agenda for Council meetings is established and disseminated and the relationship between the Council and Executive Committee. Presentations based on discussions from the Council working dinner on the evening of 29 September were included. It was agreed that the use of the Web and Council listserv to prepare for the meeting was a step in the right direction, but significant refinements are still needed. The consensus was that a moderated listserv would be desirable.

McPherson discussed his recent practice of carrying out a briefing with all new Councilors on the AMS and it organization. There was agreement that these are very helpful to new Councilors and every effort should be made to carry out these briefings prior to the January meeting (with perhaps some number of Councilors briefed on the day before the Council meeting in Long Beach). McPherson will invite the outgoing Councilors to observe the briefing taking place at the annual meeting.

Councilor McVehil suggested that each Councilor should chose a few specific areas of interest in AMS business to monitor closely during his or her term as Councilor so that collectively the Council would be fully engaged in the workings of the Society while individually each would have a light burden.

It was agreed that the Council might meet for a working dinner the evening prior to the January Council meeting if the agenda required that additional time it would provide.

It was agreed that more effort should be made to keep the Council fully informed of the issues coming before the Executive Committee (such as new special initiatives being considered for funding), and that the minutes of each Executive Committee meeting should be made available to the Council as soon as they are ready. In addition, it was suggested that conference calls with the full Council immediately following the Executive Committee meetings might be useful to review actions taken.

There was some concern that discussions carried out in Council meetings that should have remained private had made their way into the community. It was agreed that those portions of the Council agenda that were to be considered executive session would be so marked on the agenda to remind all present of the need for privacy.

It was agreed that with the ability to reach all Councilors through the listserv quickly and efficiently, any statements prepared under the auspices of COMPUP should be provided in draft form to the Council for comment even if the need for prompt action does not allow time for a full Council vote. It was also agreed that COMPUP should be expanded to include all Commissioners of the Society rather than just the STAC Commissioner, and this change to the Organizational Procedures of the Society was approved by a formal vote.

20. Named sessions in conferences

As a point of clarification on the policy approved under item 8, it was agreed that the Council could approve the naming of sessions within a conference or symposium on a case by case basis.

21. Selection of Fifth Councilor

After discussion of a list of candidates forwarded by the Executive Committee for consideration, the Council voted to seat Walter Lyons as the fifth councilor for the 20002003 period.

22. Growing the economic base

President Frederick and Executive Director McPherson initiated a discussion on activities that could be undertaken by the Society of foster an environment in which the utilization of weather and climate information for economic and societal gain could be increased to the benefit of both the public and private sectors. It was stressed throughout this discussion that any AMS activities in this area will not be undertaken at the expense of current activities that support the core scientific and professional activities of the Society.

The Council recessed from 12:00 to 1:10

23. Growing the economic base (continued)

Presentations based on discussions from the Council working dinner on the evening of 29 September were presented. A number of activities, such as special meetings and events serving the private sector segment of the AMS and establishing relationships with organizations that serve weather and climate sensitive industries were discussed. The need to provide more offerings for corporation members of the Society was also discussed.

24. Local chapter approval

All required materials being found in order, the Council voted to establish the Crystal Coast Local Chapter of the AMS, which will serve the eastern region of North Carolina.

25. Next Meeting

The Council will next meet in Long Beach on Sunday, 9 January 2000.

The Council adjourned at 1:55 p.m.