DataStreme Atmosphere Schedule

Spring 2014

Weekly Schedule: The dates shown are the Monday of the given week.

Week Spring 2014
Preview January 20
1 January 27
2 February 3
3 February 10
4 February 17
5 February 24
6 March 3
Break March 10
7 March 17
8 March 24
9 March 31
10 April 7
11 April 14
12 April 21

DataStreme Atmosphere Course Meeting Dates:

The dates shown below are the suggested windows for course meetings. The dates coincide with course materials.

Spring 2014 Semester
First Course Group Meeting: January 13 - February 1
Second Course Group Meeting: February 24 - March 2
Final Course Group Meeting: April 21 - April 27

DataStreme Atmosphere Materials:

Electronically-delivered Current Weather Studies will be transmitted beginning on Monday and Wednesday of each week for downloading and printing by each participant. A DataStreme Atmosphere national weather summary will be available each school-day morning to supplement meteorological products delivered around-the-clock seven days a week. A file of new items relevant to weather and climate will be posted on Mondays.

Preview Week and Week 1:

A two-week start-up period is incorporated into the schedule to practice downloading and printing of electronically-delivered course materials. The same Investigations Manual activities will be delivered for both weeks, however only one week needs to be completed.