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Donna Fernandez
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Become a Student Member of AMS!  Did you know that...?

AMS Student Membership is open to any student – graduate or undergraduate – enrolled at least half-time at a college or university?


Student Members may purchase journals, books, and CD-ROMs at a substantial savings and subscribe to Weatherwise magazine at a 20% discount?

Student Members can register for AMS conferences and workshops at a reduced rate, apply for scholarships, fellowships and travel grants, and enjoy free access to online career information?

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precollege student membership


Are you an elementary, middle or high school student interested in the weather?  Then read on to learn all about our Precollege Member category.



Information and Resources for Students

What's New:

Volunteer Opportunity with the AMS Broadcast Board
The AMS Broadcast Board is seeking the assistance of a meteorology student to volunteer to help connect universities and students with the AMS and the broadcast industry. The student should be at least entering their sophomore year in college, in good standing with their university, and be a member of the AMS.

The two main responsibilities of this position will include:

A. Working with the board to advertise and encourage students to attend and participate in the annual broadcast conference.

B. Educating and informing other broadcast meteorology students of the eligibility requirements of the CBM.

The board will conduct periodic conference calls to discuss conference planning and other topics related to the CBM. The student member is encouraged to join in on the calls whenever possible. This position is a one year term that begins in the fall semester and concludes at the end of the annual broadcast conference, or as otherwise decided upon by the board. Students that want to be considered for the position should prepare a paragraph expressing their interest and submit it along with a current transcript to a board member or Kelly Savoie ( by May 1st. The successful candidate will be selected during the annual broadcast conference and be notified shortly thereafter.

Student Resources

Kindergarten-6th Grade Students
Online pictures, games and more

7th Grade-High School Students

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

AMS Resources
Know there's an AMS resource for you but not sure where to look? This basic list of all the AMS resourcs for students.


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