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Stephen J Lord
Center for Weather and Climate Prediction
NCEP Environmental Modeling Center
5830 University Research Court
College Park, MD 20740

301.713.3400 x108
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Steve Lord, a former AMS Member, and an inactive Fellow of the AMS, is a Senior Scientist at the NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction's Environmental Modeling Center in College Park, Maryland. Until recently he was Director of the EMC. In addition, Dr. Lord is Associate Director of the multi-agency Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation. Currently (March 2013) he is on a detail assignment to the National Weather Service Office of Science and Technology, where he is assisting in the implementation of the NWS Science and Technology Roadmap for 2011-2020, planning the Joint Polar Satellite System Gap Mitigation science development, managing the Rapidly Updating Analysis program, and leading the NOAA effort for the COASTAL Act assessment. As Director of EMC, Dr. Lord managed development of the Nation's numerical forecast systems for global and regional weather, seasonal climate and real-time ocean prediction as well as projects underpinning national research capabilities such as the Regional Reanalysis. He wrote successful Federal budget initiatives for Data Assimilation and Modeling and an augmentation of EMC's base funding to address operating deficiencies. He provided input to National Academy of Sciences studies, in particular "From Research to Operations in Weather Satellites and Numerical Weather Prediction - Crossing the Valley of Death." Dr. Lord has a PhD degree in atmospheric sciences from the University of California at Los Angeles (1978). His dissertation title is Development and Observational Verification of a Cumulus Cloud Parameterization." After a two year post doctoral appointment at UCLA, where he continued his dissertation research, he moved to the Hurricane Research Division of the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory in Miami. There, he developed a cloud microphysical parameterization scheme for hurricane models and demonstrated the important role of ice-phase cloud microphysics in determining the wind and thermodynamic structure of simulated hurricanes in axisymmetric numerical models. Later, he participated in planning dropsonde missions in the hurricane environment and developed a nested analysis scheme for hurricanes. In 1989, Dr. Lord moved to the National Meteorological Center's Development Division (forerunner of NCEP/EMC), where he developed a system for initialization of tropical cyclones in global models and did the first major analysis of the impact of dropsonde data on hurricane track and intensity forecasts. As an active member of EMC's development staff, he was been involved in tropical cyclone forecasting, designing adaptive observations strategies for high impact weather events and supplementary observations programs. Dr. Lord became Deputy Director of EMC in 1994, Acting EMC Director in 1997 and permanent Director in 2000.

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