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Matt Parker, an active AMS Member, an active Fellow of the AMS, and an AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologist, is a Fellow Meteorologist with the Atmospheric Technologies Group at DOE's Savannah River National Laboratory. He serves the AMS Community as Past Commissioner (2014 to 2016) of the AMS Commission on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise, having completed terms as Future Commissioner (2010 to 2012) and Commissioner (2012 to 2014). Mr Parker has expertise in boundary layer meteorology, meteorological instrumentation and field experiments, real-time data acquisition, synoptic meteorology, and consequence assessment for emergency response. He has extensive experience with programmatic oversight of ATG's meteorological monitoring system, wind tunnel testing of meteorological sensors, developing meteorological standards and procedures, industrial weather forecasting, and the development of innovative meteorological sensors and monitoring systems. He has BS and MS degrees in meteorology from North Carolina State University. He was the Inaugural Chair of the AMS Board on Enterprise Communication, Co-Chair of the drafting team for the AMS Statement on National Weather and Climate Priorities, and is a former member of numerous other AMS boards and committees. Mr Parker is Past President of the National Council of Industrial Meteorologists, a member of the ANS/ANSI 3.11 Working Group, a member of the Nuclear Utility Meteorological Data Users Group, and an individual member of the American Weather and Climate Industry Association.

2012 AMS Summer Community Meeting
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