William J (Bill) Spendley Jr, MS, USAF Col (ret)

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William J Spendley Jr
Weather Team Chief

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Bill Spendley is the Weather Team Chief in the Office of The Deputy Chief of Staff, G-2, in the Department of the Army Headquarters in Washington, DC Mr. Spendley establishes weather policy within the Army, coordinates with the Air Force on Army–Air Force and Joint Service weather operational concepts and doctrine, and reviews and coordinates Army related support issues with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, HQDA staffs, Army Commands, Direct Reporting Units, Army Service Component Commands and other Federal Agencies. Mr. Spendley completed a 26-year career as an Air Force officer in the weather career field and retired as a Colonel in July 2010. He has operational, major command and Service staff, educational, joint, and command experience. His career also included assignments in direct support of Air Force fighter and bomber wings, Army conventional and airborne units, and joint special operations. Mr. Spendley's final position in the Air Force was Deputy Director, Weather Operations and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Divisions at Headquarters, Air Force Special Operations Command. Mr. Spendley was also a Professional Military Education instructor at Squadron Officer School, assistant professor at the United States Military Academy, and is a graduate of the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He has a BS degree from Cornell University and an MS degree in meteorology from North Carolina State University.

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