How to Get, or Update, an AMS Community Profile

If you are involved in the weather, water, and climate community, AMS encourages you to get a free online profile in the AMS Community Directory.

Having an online profile is a good way to let others know about you and your company or organization. An AMS Community Profile is appropriate for anyone in the weather, water, and climate community who is employed, seeking employment, preparing for employment (student), or retired from a position in a company, institute, agency, or other kind of community organization.

Privacy Note: We will work hard to respect your wishes regarding the privacy of the information in your listing. Please let us know if you have any special requests.

To get a new online AMS Community Profile, or update an existing one, send the following information to AMS by e-mail to:

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If more convenient, you can send the information by postal mail to American Meteorological Society, ATTN: Dr. R. Gary Rasmussen, 45 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-3693.

Your profile can accommodate, but does not require, all of the following information:

  1. Your current and past Business Cards. Sending your current business card will simplify the sending of some of the other information below. Unless you tell us not to, we will attach a scanned image of your card to your profile. Either way, please send your actual card, or a high resolution scan (600 dpi, 500 px minimum height of scanned image; .tif preferred, .jpg OK). In addition to your current card, we can use some or all of your previous business cards to add color to your bio. For an example, see When submitting prior business cards or card images, please let us know the range of years each prior card was valid (e.g., 1998-2007). We will overlay valid dates on images of your prior cards, so please do not do that yourself.
  2. Several recent, large, high-resolution Photographs. Including photos will make your profile much more interesting and useful! We use photos in three places: (1) an 80 x 100 px thumbnail in portrait orientation that shows your neck and face; (2) a 200 x 250 px image in portrait orientation that shows your head and shoulders; and (3) a 1000 x 800 px image in landscape orientation that shows your upper torso. The sizes indicated are after our cropping—the photos you submit should be (much) larger if possible. Please do not bother to crop or resize the photos; we will do that to conform, as much as possible, with photos of other people in other AMS Community Profiles. We encourage you to send two or three different photos, as the variety adds interest to your profile, but we can get by with a single photo that is at least 200 x 250 px (after our cropping), if that is absolutely necessary. Each photo should show your face clearly, and should have reasonably big margins. So, please attach up to three recent, large, high resolution photos (.tif preferred, .jpg OK) to your e-mail. Thanks!
  3. Your Full Name. Examples: Brig. Gen. John J. Kelly, Jr. and Mr. Richard E. Carbone
  4. The First Name You Commonly Use. Examples: Jack and Rit
  5. Your Personal Titles. Examples: Ms., Mr., Dr., P.E., CCM, CBM, Vice Admiral, General, etc.
  6. Your Employer. Please provide the name of your employer, and the URL of your employer's web site. If you are a full-time student, please state your academic institution. If you are unemployed or retired, please state your most recent employer.
  7. Your Business E-Mail Address. We need your e-mail address to be able to contact you to ask questions we may have about your profile information. Important Note: e-mails published in the AMS Community Directory are presented as non-clickable anti-spam images to thwart Internet robots, web crawlers, etc. If you do not want your e-mail address published in your profile, please tell us. In that case, please provide an alternate e-mail address that we can publish in your profile. For example, you could provide the e-mail of an assistant, a receptionist, or someone else in your company or organization.
  8. Your Business Telephone Number. Please provide your preferred business telephone number (e.g, direct-to-desk, main number for office, mobile number) to publish in your profile. If you do not want us to list a direct number, please provide a number that can be listed such as the number of the receptionist, an assistant, or the main number of your department or organization. If you do not want any telephone number listed in your profile, please let us know. Note, we do not publish your fax number.
  9. Your Business Mailing Address. Please provide your complete postal address.
  10. The URL of your Profile. Having a profile on is another good way to let people know about you and your organization. If you do not have a profile, please consider obtaining one—it's free, and you will have complete control over how much, or how little, information is included. Visit for some tips.
  11. The URL of your other Social Network Profiles. If you wish to include links to your Facebook and/or other social network profiles, please let us know.
  12. Your Position Titles. Please provide the titles of the positions you hold. If you are a full-time student, please indicate that. If your are retired, please include retired or emeritus in your title. If you are currently unemployed please indicate formerly in the title of your former position. If you are a member of an AMS committee, board, commission, etc., please let us know.
  13. Your Web Site URLs. If there are web pages that feature you, please let us know the URLs. Also, please tell us the URLs of web pages that feature your department, and company or organization.
  14. Your Biography. There are no formal size limits, but your bio will be formatted as a single paragraph. If possible, please avoid statements that are true today, but will no longer be true in several years (e.g. "For the last five years ..."). Instead, refer to the actual dates (e.g., "Since 2009 ..."). Narrative text is encouraged. DO NOT include any lists, such as a list of publications. Please DO include your current and previous positions and responsibilities, your educational background [include name(s) of your degree(s), conferring institution(s), and year(s) conferred], your professional memberships, your awards and honors, and anything else of interest about you that you would like to include. Also, if your current bio is published somewhere on the web, please let us know the URL.

Many thanks for providing the information listed above, and for helping us keep your profile up-to-date!

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