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As of Wednesday, 10 February 2016

37th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology

AccuWeather, Inc.
AccuWeather, Inc.
Director of Marketing, Broadcast Media
385 Science Park Rd.
State College, PA   16803
Contact: Laura Melton

Booth Number(S): 103

AccuWeather, Inc. provides products and services to reach audiences over all platforms – TV, web, mobile video, ITV, IPTV and VOD. AccuWeather offers easy-to-use, localized, technologically advanced weather display and severe-weather systems for the best news content.

CinemaLive HD

CinemaLive HD weather display system delivers HD and SD cinema-quality 3D graphics in a 360-degree environment with live-on-every-layer architecture. CinemaLive’s integrated forecasting tools and expanded data feeds deliver hyper-local weather information in an eye-catching format found nowhere else. Enhanced WeatherCoach™ interactive tools enable every member of your team to tell the most eye-catching, accurate weather story. With accessible television-ready 3D model graphics, Microsoft® Virtual Earth™, and a comprehensive list of models and data at your fingertips, including exclusive data found only with AccuWeather, CinemaLive HD takes the research and time out of composing your nightly weathercast.

SelectWarn HD® Radar Display System

SelectWarn HD provides Level II NEXRAD radar without the huge expense of your own radar dome. SelectWarn turns severe weather and flooding into a ratings opportunity with early-warning systems and displays no one else in your market can match. SelectWarn gives your station storm arrival times with cone of movement displays along with advanced satellite imagery, exclusive flood-inundation mapping, location-specific “ground-truth” reports, accumulative rain gauge data, exclusive lightning and winter-weather forecasts, and sophisticated geo-hazard capabilities to cover earthquakes. The SelectWarn Radar Display System, available in SD or HD, complements any weather display system.

Local AccuWeather Channel

You can’t afford to concede the 24x7 weather war to the competition, especially with the increased cross-promotion of a certain other national network! The Local AccuWeather Channel can be your round-the-clock weather solution for your digital tier and your website, promoting your brand and talent, while simultaneously providing a new revenue stream. Available with no capital investment, The Local AccuWeather Channel has been adopted in markets of all sizes and by affiliates of all major networks, including CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC. When severe weather occurs in only part of your DMA, The Channel enables you to retain viewers on your broadcast station while directing only those affected to the channel for continuous coverage of the situation. The Channel also integrates with all popular ad trafficking systems to achieve increased revenue and to lower cost.

Content for Every Platform

Whether your platform is HD or SD, wireless, off-deck, VOD, IPTV, or ITV, we have a turnkey programming solution that delivers what your audience demands – local weather content that offers the unique combination of best in entertainment value and scientific accuracy. To match the needs of every converged service, AccuWeather content can be delivered as complete displays, video and graphic animations for the primary screen zone, or as content for L-bars and tickers. AccuWeather also welcomes the opportunity to custom develop any solution for you interactive applications.

Baron Services
Vice President of Sales
4930 Research Dr.
Huntsville, AL   35805
Contact: Alan Hislop

Booth Number(S): 100, 102

Comprehensive weather solutions from Baron Services deliver advanced meteorological capabilities streamlined for a broad viewing audience. Featuring real-time weather displays, sophisticated live Doppler radar, community outreach tools and a host of high-end weather data to power it all, Baron solutions enable broadcasters to impact their markets while streamlining operations and reducing costs. Baron’s latest innovation, Omni delivers unprecedented HD weather analysis, incorporating 3D models, live graphics, photo mapping and actual topography, GPS vehicle tracking, and the next generation of high-definition weather data. The company’s leadership in live Doppler radar has been spearheaded by its pioneering efforts in dual-polarization technology. The company remains the only vendor to have installed dual-polarization radars into broadcast stations, with seven systems already in operation across the country. VIPIR, the perennial 3D storm tracking system, delivers advanced storm analysis with renderless graphics capabilities, enabling entire weathercasts to be generated in real-time from a single integrated system.

Midland Radio Corporation
Midland Radio Corporation
Marketing Manager
5900 Parretta Drive
Kansas City, MO   64120
Contact: Michelle Truax

Booth Number(S): 204

Midland Radio Corporation has manufactured quality two-way radios for nearly 50 years and is a world leader in wireless two-way and NOAA/National Weather Service All Hazards/Weather Alert radios. They are the U.S. affiliate of a group of global companies which develop and markets products world-wide. Midland is the oldest manufacturer of CB radios and the first to market a 14 channel FRS (Family Radio Service) radio in the United States. The strong alliance between Midland Radio Corporation’s Public Safety Alert (PSA) Partnership with local media and retail partners has helped save many lives by providing immediate emergency alert information direct from NOAA/National Weather Service through affordable and accessible All Hazards/Weather Alert radios in homes, schools and businesses across America. WEATHER HAPPENS! Are you prepared? Come by and visit us at booth 204.


Booth Number(S): 202

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce is one of the world's premier scientific and environmental agencies. NOAA conducts research and gathers data and observations about the global oceans, atmosphere, space, and sun, and applies this knowledge to environmental prediction and services that touch the lives of all Americans. NOAA works with government, academia and private sector partners to provide the nation with high quality weather, water, climate and related environmental information.

NOAA provides services through five major organizations represented at the exhibit: NOAA National Weather Service, NOAA Oceans and Coasts, NOAA Fisheries, NOAA Satellites and Information, and NOAA Research. In addition, NOAA research and operational activities are supported by the NOAA Corps, a commissioned officer corps that operates NOAA ships and aircraft.

Weather Central, LP

Booth Number(S): 104

Weather Central is the worldwide leader in delivering state-of-the-art HD and SD broadcast weather, traffic, news and sports software solutions and the highest resolution forecast data available. Weather Central solutions are easily customizable and offer the flexibility to create regionalized content to meet viewer’s needs and station’s workflow requirements.

Creative storytelling with patented key wall interactivity as well as high resolution worldwide mapping and innovative content delivery solutions are inherent to our product suite. Our differentiating science and advanced toolsets give users the ability to forecast and report breaking and changing weather, traffic, news and sports stories faster and more visually engaging than competitors' systems. With newly announced SimulCAST technology, users are able to easily create content once and distribute it to multiple media platforms.

Weather Central has a legacy of advanced solutions starting in 1974 with the premiere of LiveLine; the first ever computerized weather graphic system. Since then, Weather Central has invented dozens of new technologies and capabilities and has gained the strongest portfolio of unique and patented intellectual property in the industry. Our portfolio now includes over 30 U.S. and international product, software and technology patents along with a robust list of strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft™ and Hewlett Packard™.

Who we are


Most flexible



Provide the highest resolution forecast data available in tv broadcast

Today and Tomorrow

Today, Weather Central solutions are unmatched in the industry. Running on leading edge, high-end HP workstations, our products have the best real-time HDTV and multi-format capabilities in the world. Weather Central HD and SD weather, severe weather, traffic, news, and sports solutions are viewed everyday on-air, online, and in print by billions of people located on every continent in the world.

Although much has changed during the 34 years since Weather Central was formed, the company's team members have never abandoned their passion for innovation, excellence, the vision for the company, and above all continued focus on the highest quality results, performance, and success for its customers. Our customers are our partners; their winning performance in their own markets is our measure of success.

Exclusive and patented MagicTRAK interactive technology gives unprecedented possibilities to connect with viewers during your local forecast. 3D:LIVE™ is a real-time digital content creation weather presentation system offering the most technically advanced storytelling features in the industry. The real-time environment allows you to tell the weather story as it unfolds, without rendering. 3D:LIVE provides detailed topography and city-level resolution images, offering the best imagery available for any location on the globe. ScreenWRITER® HD provides the interactivity exclusive to Weather Central for use with every video source in your facility. With ScreenWRITER, your presenters can interact with character generators, live video, and other video sources while on-camera. RouteCast is the complete on-air and online traffic system. Patented MagicTRAK® technology allows talent to interact with multiple video sources and Scene Launch™ live video feeds with the most up-to-date information. Online, RouteCast traffic and weather data provide comprehensive travel forecasts for users’ personal routes, up to 24 hours in advance. A traffic blog enables broadcasters to post messages about commutes, travel, and other traffic-related information quickly and easily to its website. Users can preset their own key travel routes and RouteCast will notify them to adjust their travel plans based on incidents on their custom routes.

Vice President Media Sales
400 Minuteman Road
Andover, MA   01810
Contact: Steve Ward

Booth Number(S): 201, 203

Every market has its own kind of disruptive weather. And every customer must forecast, detect and visualize that weather for their audience in their own way, reflecting their own news brand. WSI’s newest TruVu media production tool, TruVu Max delivers unsurpassed real-time rendering technology that simplifies some of the most difficult aspects of producing a compelling weathercast. In addition severe and disruptive weather stories need to be told quickly and clearly. With the enhanced TruVu Titan, meteorologists can utilize WSI’s most powerful interactive storytelling tool to produce high-resolution pictures without rendering -- and without losing time on the air. WSI, the leading full service weather provider, delivers the next generation of digital, visually powerful, surprisingly affordable weather technologies and visualizations for TV, the web and beyond. Plus, our partnership with EEC, the world’s leader in high definition radar technology, creates the superior end-to-end severe weather solutions broadcasters demand. WSI + EEC Forecast. Detect. Visualize. Win.