Report to the Council of the American Meteorological Society:

The American Meteorological Society’s Response to Recommendation 3 of Fair Weather


This report was presented to the council October 2004.

In 2003, the National Research Council in its report, Fair Weather – Effective Partnerships in Weather and Climate Services recommended that “The National Weather Service and relevant academic, state, and private organizations should seek a neutral host, such as the American Meteorological Society, to provide a periodic dedicated venue for the weather enterprise as a whole to discuss issues related to the public-private partnership.” In response to this recommendation, the American Meteorological Society formed the 22-member ad hoc Committee on the Weather and Climate Enterprise. The Committee was charged with preparing a plan that embraces the breadth and diversity of the communities of providers and users of weather and climate information, and how AMS can serve as a venue for facilitating discussion related to partnerships amongst the provider and user sectors. This report outlines the committee’s recommendations for an AMS Commission on the Weather and Climate Enterprise, its membership and Board structure, preliminary terms of reference, a synopsis of points considered in the framing of the recommendations, input from community summits and a web cast, a staffing budget, and a timeline.

Members who are interested in providing input or comments about this report are
encouraged to do so at this time.

Comments on this draft report may be sent to the AMS ad hoc committee on
Weather & Climate Enterprise at

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(Formal comment period ended 19 December 2004)


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