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The certified consulting meteorologist (CCM) program is a service for the general public by the AMS. The AMS has established high standards of technical competence, character, and experience for certified consultants who provide advice in meteorology to the public.

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AMS certification programs


Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program (CBM)

Certified Consulting Meteorologist Program (CCM)

AMS Seal of Approval

Professional Development Requirements for CBMs and Sealholders


Professional Development Requirements for CCMs

Listing of Certified Broadcast Meteorologists (CBMs)

Listing of Sealholders:  

Listing of AMS Certified Consulting Meteorologists



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AMS Certification Programs

The American Meteorological Society, the nation’s premier professional organization for those in the atmospheric and related sciences, has three widely respected certification programs-the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist program, the Seal of Approval and the Certified Consulting Meteorologist program-- to recognize broadcast and consulting meteorologists who have achieved a certain level of competency and to foster high standards of professionalism among meteorologists.

Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Program


The Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) program was established to raise the professional standard in broadcast meteorology and encourage a broader range of scientific understanding, especially with respect to environmental issues. The goal of the CBM program is to certify that the holder meets specific educational and experience criteria and has passed rigorous testing in their knowledge and communication of meteorology and related sciences needed to be an effective broadcast meteorologist.

In order to acquire a CBM, new applicants must hold a degree in meteorology (or equivalent) from an accredited college/university, pass a written examination, and have their work reviewed to assess graphical content, explanation, and presentation. All CBMs may retain their certification and display the CBM logo as long as they pay their membership and renewal fees each year and complete a 28 point professional development requirements every five years.

Applications, Procedures, and other Helpful Links


Professional Development


Certified Consulting Meteorologist Program

The CCM program is a service for the general public by the AMS. The Society has established high standards of technical competence, character, and experience for certified consultants who provide advice in meteorology to the public. The CCM program was established to ensure that certain individuals have been tested and found to meet or exceed those standards. The purpose of certification in the CCM program is fourfold:

1) To foster the establishment and maintenance of a high level of professional competency and mature and ethical counsel in the field of consulting meteorology;

2) To provide a basis on which a client seeking assistance on problems of a meteorological nature may be confident of mature, competent, and ethical professional counsel;

3) To provide incentive for the continued professional growth of the meteorologist after completion of his or her academic training;

4) To enhance the prestige, authority, success, and emoluments of consulting meteorology specifically, and of professional meteorology generally, by promoting such a consistently high order of professional activity that unqualified practitioners will either labor to achieve this recognition or retire from the field.

CCM Page (Information for CCMs)


Applications and Procedures


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Professional Development



AMS Seal of Approval

The AMS is no longer accepting applications for the Seal of Approval Program

The AMS Seal of Approval was launched in 1957 as a way to recognize on-air meteorologists for their sound delivery of weather information to the general public. Among radio and television meteorologists, the AMS Seal of Approval is sought as a mark of distinction.

To earn the Seal of Approval, a broadcast meteorologist must have applied to the Society offering evidence of education and professional experience sufficient to meet established national standards, along with three examples of his or her work. The application was judged by a national board of examiners to assess four elements: technical competence, informational value, explanatory value, and communication skills.

Applications for the Seal of Approval were accepted from 1959 - 2008. There have been over 1700 Seals awarded.


Procedures and other Helpful Links

  • Seal of Approval Program - Includes professional development requirements, renewal, inactive status, reactivation etc.


Professional Development



tifiorologist (CBM) Program






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