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NEW materials available for order include the Understanding Earth's Atmosphere and Ocean: AOS Investigation Kit and "The Stories Clouds Tell" book



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Educational Kit

Understanding Earth's Atmosphere and Ocean: AOS Investigation Kit

This all-inclusive educational kit provides 10 investigations including more than 25 activities that explore basic topics in meteorology and oceanography. From analyzing high and low pressure systems to visualizing the effects of El Niño and La Niña, these activities can be done at home, in a classroom, or as a laboratory. Completing these inquiry-based investigations allow you to observe properties of the ocean and atmosphere first hand. It can be used as a supplement to any of the AMS courses or alone as a classroom aid or study tool.

Individual: $49; Classroom set of 16: $549

Lesson 1: Air Pressure Systems
Kit Materials: The Hand-Twist Model & Podcast

"The Hand Twist Model: High and Low Pressure Systems"

Lesson 2: Air Pressure Systems Continued
Kit Materials: Pressure Blocks, Contouring Plastic Strips & Podcast

"What is Pressure?"
"Atmospheric Pressure Changes with Height"
"Constant Air Pressure Surfaces"
"Ocean Surface Currents"
"Meanders and Ocean Rings"

Lesson 3: Pressure-Temperature Relationships & Make a Cloud!
Kit Materials: Temperature Strip

"Air Pressure and Temperature Relationships"
"Making Clouds Appear and Disappear"

Lesson 4: Dew Point, humidity & supercooled water
Kit Materials: 4 Thermometers

"Wet Bulb Temperature"
"Dewpoint and Relative Humidity"
"Supercooling Water"

Lesson 5: ¡El Niño!- ¡La Niña!
Kit Materials: ¡El Niño!- ¡La Niña! Slider

"The Tropical Pacific During Neutral Conditions"
"The Tropical Pacific During ¡El Niño!"
"The Tropical Pacific During ¡La Niña!"

Lesson 6: Ocean Wave Characteristics
Kit Materials: Wave Analyzer Slide Chart

Lesson 7: Ocean Characteristics
Kit Materials: Inflatable World Globe, Tide Model Bulge Pages

"Exploring Locations on Earth"
"Wind Driven Ocean Circulations and Gyres"
"Upwelling and Ocean Productivity"
"Plate Tectonics"

Lesson 8: Surface Weather: Pressure Gradient Force & Coriolis Effect
Kit Materials: Coriolis Effect Card Stock Page

Lesson 9: Understanding Radar
Kit Materials: Radar Cardstock Page

"Constructing a Radar Screen"
"Interpreting a Radar Display"

Lesson 10: The Stories Clouds Tell
Kit Materials: “The Stories Clouds Tell” book

"What is a Cloud?"
"Types of Clouds"

AMS Education Program  

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