EEC Commissioner Roles and Responsibilities

The Education and Engagement incoming commissioner collaborates with the current and past EEC commissioner to coordinate, communicate, and advance the activities of the boards and committees representing education, outreach, human resource, and engagement-related activities of the American Meteorological Society.  The incoming commissioner becomes current commissioner after 2 years, and past commissioner 2 years following that, for a total 6 year commitment. EEC commissioners' responsibilities include:

Management of Commission

  • Appointment of all Board/Committee Chairs and Members
  • Link between B/C to other Commissions and the Council
  • Support B/C leadership to fulfill terms of reference
  • Provide strategic guidance to the Commission and its B/C
  • Review and update commission B/C terms of reference, as needed
  • Oversee awards process of society awards housed within Commission
  • Work with the Executive Director and Staff to advance the mission of the AMS
  • Co-manage cross commission efforts with the Commissioner on Professional Affairs (ECLA, Board on Student Affairs)

Serving on Planning Commission

  • Update Planning Commission on EEC activities
  • Identify synergies between different Commission and Council efforts
  • Provide strategic input for operationalizing goals of the society
Participation and Reporting to Council
  • Regularly report Commission activities to Council
  • Attend and Participate in all Council deliberations (without vote) by providing strategic input to Council actions from the Commission perspective
  • Seek feedback from Council to help provide strategic guidance to commission B/C
  • Seek approval for Commission actions that require council action
  • Serving on task forces/working groups as needed/desired

Ideal candidates will have specific experience within the Commission at a board or committee level, have demonstrated commitment to the mission of the AMS, have the capacity to manage the volunteer network and activities of a wide-ranging commission.