STAC Commissioner Roles and Responsibilities

The STAC incoming commissioner collaborates with the current and past STAC commissioners to coordinate, communicate, and advance the activities of the 36 STAC boards and committees with more than 400 members representing all science and technical related aspects of AMS. The incoming commissioner becomes current commissioner after 2 years, and past commissioners 2 years following that, for a total 6 year commitment.

Coordination within STAC involves oversight and approval of Board and Committee membership, development of STAC chair meetings and STAC newsletters, interfacing with AMS staff and leadership on AMS awards, specialty meetings, education, policy, and statements, and representing Board and Committee requests to AMS council.

The STAC incoming commissioner is also invited to participate as a non-voting member at the AMS Council meetings; the current commissioner is a member of the AMS Planning Commission, the AMS Awards Oversight Committees, and co-editor of the AMS Glossary of Meteorology.