Committee on Atmospheric Radiation

The 14th Joint AMS Conference on Atmospheric Radiation and Cloud Physics will be held 7-11 July, 2014, at the Westin on Copley Square in Boston, MA. The joint conference will highlight the science of two recently-deceased luminaries: Anthony Slingo and Sean Twomey. Both scientists were instrumental in shaping theoretical, modeling and observational approaches in radiative transfer and cloud physics. Dr. Slingo's research encompassed the Earth'sradiation budget and the greenhouse effect, cloud-radiation interactions, cloud microphysics, aerosols and the water cycle. Dr. Twomey pioneered aerosol-cloud interaction theory and metrics and developed solutions to the radiative transfer equation that were later applied to the remote sensing retrieval  of cloud microhpysical properties. The named symposium and session will feature invited talks by close associates of Dr. Slingo and Dr. Twomey.

The full 14th Atmospheric Radiation Program will include sessions on emerging directions in atmospheric radiation; the surface radiative budget and atmospheric coupling; radiative properties of clouds and aerosols, aerosol and cloud radiative forcing on climate and aerosol and cloud remote sensing using both passive and active/multi-platform techniques and data synthesis; aerosol-cloud interactions and susceptibility; radiative transfer theory and radiative parameterizations; the top-of-atmosphere radiation budget and the water cycle; spectral, hyperspectral, and polarization radiation measurements; three-dimensional radiative transfer; and the remote sensing of a changing environment.

Please visit to submit an abstract, due 7 March, 2014.