Committees and Groups

Within both the Board on Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID) and the AMS, there are a growing number of committees and groups striving to mentor, grow, and celebrate the rich tapestry of individuals within the weather, water, and climate enterprise.
Learn more about these volunteer-led initiatives below and how to get involved! Official BRAID subcommittees are denoted with an asterisk (*)



The annual Coriolis reception brings together lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender-queer (LGBTQ) friends and allies to mentor, network, and connect with individuals who share common professional and personal interests.

The event is catered to AMS members of all career stages as well as their relatives. Past receptions have featured a wide array of guest speakers relevant to the LGBTQ community. 

The reception is in its twelfth year and is held annually at the AMS Annual Meeting. For announcements and updates, follow BRAID on Twitter. To learn more about the reception or become involved, contact Gaige Kerr (gaigekerr (at) gwu (dot) edu).

Welcome sign for the 2020 Coriolis Reception

Panelists at the 2020 Coriolis ReceptionAttendees of 2020 Coriolis Reception

Accessibility Action and Planning Committee*:

The newly-formed Accessibility Action and Planning (AAP) Committee was created to advocate for accessibility initiatives within AMS to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to access all of AMS' activities. The committee is currently focusing on the accessibility of the 2021 Annual Meeting, AMS' largest event, and plans to expand to other areas and any other accessibility concerns that arise.

The committee is hosting a new quarterly webinar series called "World Through My Eyes" (WTME), which aims to raise awareness about accessibility concerns held by people of various abilities. The first webinar, moderated by current AMS President Mary Glackin, was held in July 2020 and was well-attended.

For announcements and updates about the WTME webinar series and other AAP Committee initiatives, follow BRAID on Twitter. To learn more about this committee or become involved, contact Alyssa Bates (alyssa (dot) bates (at) noaa (dot) gov). If you have an immediate or specific accessibility concern or accommodation request, you may email AMS directly at [email protected].

Women in the Atmospheric Sciences*

For the past seventeen years, the AMS Women's in the Atmospheric Sciences Luncheon at the AMS annual meeting has gathered together SMART, STRONG, and CONFIDENT females and allies to celebrate our uniqueness, highlight our contributions, connect and support each other. 

Luncheons have covered a variety of topics, sparked relevant conversations, inspired movement and change, and featured inspirational speakers. We invite you to be part of it! For announcements and updates, please follow BRAID on Twitter. To learn more about the Luncheon or become involved, contact Dr. Yaítza Luna-Cruz (yalunas (at) gmail (dot) com).

A table of attendees at the 2020 Women's Luncheon

A packed room showing all attendees of the 2020 Women's LuncheonWelcome sign for the 2020 Women's Luncheon displaying the phrase: We Are AMS Women

Latinx Committee*:

The AMS Latinx Committee is a newly-established group that fosters collaboration across the Latinx weather, water, and climate enterprise.  The group comprises of 51 Ambassadors, representing academia, broadcast, and public/private sectors, and they have established partnerships to help advance the state of Latinx within the scientific community. 

The committee is led by Joseph Enrique Trujillo. The leads for the 5 branches of the committee are: 

  • Academia Ambassador Lead: Dr. Annareli Morales A collage of the flags of the countries that LatinX ambassadors represent
  • Broadcast Ambassador Leads: Violeta Yas and Pablo Sánchez Núñez
  • Private Sector Ambassador Lead: Dr. Yaítza Luna Cruz
  • Public Sector Ambassador Leads: Dr. Mayra Oyola, Dr. Lorena Medina Luna, Dr. Daniel Meléndez, Krizia Negrón, Orlando Bermúdez
  • Student Ambassador Leads: Javiera Hernández, Karimar Ledesma Maldonado, Jeanette Gallardo

Please check out our most recent project come to life! Visit the AMS Glossary for existing Spanish-Language Glossaries and Dictionaries in the United States. We hope this elevates the exposure of existing, valuable resources to the meteorological community.  

The Diversity and Inclusion Subcommittee of the AMS Hydrology Committee*:

The Diversity and Inclusion subcommittee of the AMS Committee on Hydrology was formed to promote the participation of women and minorities in Hydrology and related fields. Currently the committee is organizing a women-themed event to be held at the 2021 annual meeting, "Her Career, Her Stories?." This event will bring women of all career stages together to share experience, challenges, and success, to inspire and empower each other, and to foster the development of mentoring relationships. A diverse group of scientists will speak at the event as panelists, including Ana Barros, Terri Hogue, Ruby Lai-Yung Leung, Christa Peters-Lidard, and Britt Westergard. To learn more, contact Guiling Wang (guiling (dot) wang (at) uconn (dot) edu). 

Current committee members: Guiling Wang (chair), Martha Anderson, Clara Draper, Kristie Franz, Nichole Hammond, and Melissa Wrzesien.