COSMOS is a subcommunity of AMS and non-AMS members committed to incorporating perspectives based on faith, religion, or spirituality. COSMOS favors no single spirituality or faith tradition, consistent with the AMS Code of Conduct. COSMOS is committed to dialog as a means towards mutual understanding and facilitates dialogue and initiatives about environmentalism and related fields. These dialogues are facilitated among AMS, scientific and professional societies, academic, government, public and private sectors, non-profits, and spiritual/faith-based organizations and ministries.

COSMOS Google Group:

Interested in COSMOS? Want to hear updates or share events with the broader community? Have ideas for future COSMOS initiatives and Events? Join the COSMOS Google Group! AMS and Non-AMS members are welcome! You do not have to be a COSMOS Committee Member to be a part of the google group. For more information, contact Carlos Martinez at [email protected].

COSMOS Activities

  • AMS 2024 COSMOS Led/Co-Sponsored Sessions
    At the AMS Annual Meeting in Baltimore, COSMOS led and co-sponsored sessions!
    Session topics include:
    • Convergence Science: Indigenous Weather, Water and Climate Knowledge Systems, Practices  and Communities
    • Building Partnerships between Faith/Spiritual Organizations and the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise

Click here for more information and recordings of the sessions.

Bridging Spirituality, Faith, and Science for Weather and Climate Resilience: A Community Gathering. Foster a constructive dialogue between spiritual and faith-based leaders and professionals in the Weather, Water, and Climate (WWC) community (e.g., National Weather Service, Federal Agencies, Academics, and research labs) tailored to the specific environmental issues of the Mid-Atlantic Region. This is an interactive and listening session, whereby spiritual and faith-based leaders can share their community‚Äôs unique needs and aspirations regarding weather, water, and climate resilience with the WWC.