Precis: AMS Lightning Safety Statement

The AMS Council adopted the Lightning Safety Statement in July 2018, in an effort to further inform key decision makers and the general public of science-based protective actions related to lightning risk. Improvements in public messaging and our scientific understanding of lightning hazards have contributed to the decline in annual US fatalities, however updating and re-issuing the AMS Lightning Safety Statement would continue to aid in this effort. A preliminary assessment of the current statement found that the lightning safety slogans may not fully leverage more recent advances in lightning observing platforms and understanding lightning risk. Additionally, the increasing diversity of the meteorological community may require additional translations of the lightning safety statement that can be directly communicated to other key partners.

We anticipate that this AMS information statement will likely: 1) more effectively message our current understanding of the risk lightning poses to key decision makers and the general public, 2) reach a more diverse community through the American Meteorological Society, and 3) continue to encourage optimal mitigation strategies related to lightning risk.

To volunteer for service on the drafting team for a specific statement, please send your name and contact information with a brief description of your background as it relates to the statement to the following e-mail address: [email protected].