K-12 Teachers

K-12 Teachers

Enhance your knowledge of Earth system science and earn graduate credit through AMS Education’s teacher professional development programs. Over 22,000 teachers have boosted their STEM curriculum and impacted millions of students across the nation through these initiatives!

DataStreme Program

Learn weather, ocean, or climate fundamentals through online courses emphasizing the study of Earth system science as it happens and discover ways to instill the excitement of real-world information across your science curriculum.

  • All three DataStreme courses are part of a master's level program offered through Pennsylvania Western University of Pennsylvania (PennWest) successful participants will earn three graduate credits for each course.
  • Course materials developed via collaboration of AMS Staff and Chad Kauffman, Ph.D., Lead Instructor and Curriculum Development Coordinator.
  • Each course is 13 weeks long, completed online, and offered in the spring and fall.
  • An incredible value at an extremely low cost at $400 per course (financial aid available).
  • Complete three of six AMS professional development courses, including any or all of the AMS DataStreme courses, and receive a post-baccalaureate certificate from Pennsylvania Western University.
  • PennWest is authorized to award credit for these courses in all fifty U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories.
  • Any of the semester-long DataStreme courses, along with the Project Atmosphere or Project Ocean Summer Courses, can be applied toward the two courses required to apply for the Certified AMS Teacher (CAT) credential!


The Certified AMS Teacher (CAT) Program was established by the AMS to recognize and support educators actively engaged in raising Earth science literacy. CAT specifically connects K-12 educators to AMS, which strengthens their connection to the atmospheric science community and its resources.

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