About AMS Textbooks and Curriculum

The AMS Education Program publishes textbooks, investigations manuals, and associated materials on three Earth Science subjects


New for 2024!  

The eInvestigations Manuals have each been updated to include the latest science and news while also incorporating content suggestions from educators and students.

On each topic, we offer a textbook, a manual, and a bundle of the two.  The manuals lead students through the analysis and interpretation of real-world data (perfect for labs) including two investigations per textbook chapter, a total of around 30 lab-related investigations.

Each investigation is self-contained or may be completed through the RealTime Data Portals provided by AMS.

All of our textbooks and curricula are designed for introductory undergraduate courses. They are available as ePubs, eBooks or Print-On-Demand.

More details, including sample content, are available here.

Why Use AMS Publications?

In 2023, 130 colleges and universities used our materials in their courses.

AMS Curricula have a unique feature: each eInvestigations Manual includes a weekly newsletter that links a current topic in the news to what students are learning in the course that week. It includes a description, illustrations, and a quiz (with answers for faculty). This helps students connect what they are learning with their daily lives. (Click here for a sample.)

The American Meteorological Society is a leading non-profit, scientific organization supporting atmospheric, oceanic, and climate science. Our textbooks and curriculum include the latest scientific discoveries and research.

Your purchase supports the AMS Education program. In addition to these courses, it has offered (mostly free) training to over 23,000 teachers since 1990.

How to Access

Contact us with any questions or requests at [email protected].