AMS Lands' End Apparel

AMS Lands' End Apparel

AMS revealed a new logo as part of our 100th Anniversary celebration at our 2020 Annual Meeting.  Now in partnership with Lands’ End Business Outfitters, you can join in this celebration with new AMS apparel.  High-quality professional and casual polos, dress shirts, fleece vests, jackets, bags, and winter accessories are now available.  Every order and customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Lands’ End.  Find the apparel to help you weather the workday or work in the weather.

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How to Purchase AMS Apparel

  • If you see something you like just click on an item and then:
    1. Choose your color
    2. Choose your size
    3. Click on “Apply Logo” and select which AMS logo version you want to appear on the item
    4. Choose your logo location
    5. Select “Add to Bag”
  • You can now proceed to checkout or continue shopping
  • To checkout you will need to create a Lands’ End AMS store profile.  This can only be used at the AMS store and not for any other Lands’ End Business sites
  • You will get emailed confirmation of your purchase sent to by Lands’ End

The online store is maintained by Lands’ End Business Outfitters and questions regarding purchases should be directed to them (by calling 1-800-587-1541 or their “Contact Us” email link at the bottom of the store page), but you can still contact [email protected] with comments and suggestions.  

Disclaimer: Lands’ End holds all liability for customer transactions, including processing, shipping, and any necessary returns or refunds. All profit for this store goes directly to Lands’ End. 


Why is AMS doing this?  

We wanted to be able to offer a selection of high quality apparel, great customer service by a trusted company like Lands’ End.  This frees up AMS staff to spend more time focused on supporting our sciences.

Satisfaction is guaranteed by Lands’ End and any return will be handled by their customer service department.

How big is the AMS logo on these items?  

All logo dimensions are listed for each version available to be applied.  

Why can’t I apply certain logos to specific items?  

While most of the available logos can be universally applied some are designed to only be applied to specific items such as totes or business bags

What happened to the previous AMS merchandise?  

That store is still active and has books, drinkware, and apparel available. Go to the AMS Bookstore.