AMS Soundings is a monthly newsletter that goes out to AMS members and friends. Each edition includes news updates, profiles, awards, special articles, important dates, and other great information about all that’s going on with AMS, our work, and our community. We hope you enjoy reading it, and we always welcome your feedback.

Soundings Archives

AMS Soundings September 2023

AMS Elections and Equity Assessment

AMS Soundings August 2023

New certification, social media survey, and more!

AMS Soundings July 2023

ECLA, Statements, and new "Perspectives"!

AMS Soundings June 2023

The Hooke Lecture, AMS seeks Commissioners, Meetings news

AMS Soundings May

Security Update, new Girls Who Chase partnership, volunteer leadership opportunities, and more!

AMS Soundings April 2023

Thanking volunteers, awards nominations, new and legacy merchandise, and more!

AMS Soundings March

New Career Advising Portal, the 2023 Summer Policy Colloquium, and more!

AMS Soundings February 2023

Specialty Meetings, New Career Portal, and Summer Policy Colloquium 2023

AMS Soundings January 2023

Annual Meeting, Policy News, New Opportunities, and more!

AMS Soundings December 2022

Elected leaders, Summer Education Programs, Annual Meeting shirts

AMS Soundings November 2022

EIJ at AMS, Free DataStreme, and Annual Meeting updates!

AMS Soundings October 2022

Note from President Rich Clark, Meeting News, New Webinars, and more!

AMS Soundings September 2022

State of the Climate, AMS Elections, Student Opportunities, and more!

AMS Soundings August 2022

AMS Education Summer, New WCAS article type, Opportunities for Students and Volunteers!

AMS Soundings July 2022

Photo Contest, Student Travel Grants, New Short Course, Teacher Opportunities, and more!

AMS Soundings June 2022

Clear Skies Ahead hits 50, Private Sector Survey, a jigsaw puzzle, and more!

AMS Soundings May 2022

Bob Atlas interview, GeoHealth Policy Study, Gina Eosco Profile and more!

AMS Soundings April 2022

Thanking our Volunteers, Climate Intervention Statement, AIES Editorial, and more!

AMS Soundings March 2022

MWR 150, Robert Atlas' new book, SPC Funding Opportunities, and more!

AMS Soundings February 2022

Annual Meeting Review, Policy Opportunity, Career News, and more!