Call for Poster Abstracts

American Meteorological Society (AMS) Automated Vehicles & Meteorology Summit 2024

Ann Arbor, Michigan, June 25–27, 2024

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Deadline: 9 May 2024

We invite researchers and practitioners to contribute to the Automated Vehicles & Meteorology Summit, a dynamic forum dedicated to advancing the future of autonomous transportation through weather intelligence. The summit aims to bring together scientists, engineers, policymakers, industry specialists, and practitioners involved in researching and implementing transportation weather solutions for the autonomous vehicles (AV) sector.

Mission Focus:

At the core of the Automated Vehicles & Meteorology Summit lies a commitment to advancing the intersection of weather intelligence and autonomous transportation. We aim to facilitate in-depth discussions that span operational activities, long-term planning, and policymaking, unlocking new frontiers in research and implementation.

Themes for Paper Submissions:

  1. Recent Research Findings
    • AV applications
    • AV testbeds and results
    • AV cybersecurity and defense approaches
    • Proposed, ongoing, and completed AV pilots
    • Artificial intelligence techniques and challenges
    • Vehicle sensing/testing capabilities, techniques, and challenges
    • Technology, infrastructure, and policy progress/barriers for AV implementation
  2. Weather Risk Management
    • AV testing in challenging environments
    • AV sensing and operations under various weather conditions
    • Sensor fusion configurations for operations in adverse weather
  3. Coordination and Collaboration
    • AV simulation tools
    • AV datasets and data quality
    • Policy needs for AV readiness
    • Autonomous operation and data sharing
    • Framework for collaboration in advancing AV development and deployment
  4. Other Work relevant to the Mission Focus

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