AMS Affiliations

Just as organizations can be members of the AMS, the AMS is a member of a number of other organizations (and in some cases affiliated in ways that are not formally considered a membership). The AMS Council reviews the Society's affiliations annually to ensure that the best interests of the membership and the objectives of the Society are being served.

The following list shows these affiliations and provides links to the Web sites of each.

AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

AMS is member of three sections of AAAS: Atmospheric and Hydrospheric Science; Physics; and Information, Computing and Communication. AMS and UCAR jointly sponsor one participant annually in their Congressional Fellow Program.

AIP (American Institute of Physics)

AMS members receive all the benefits conferred by full membership, including free subscriptions to AIP’s flagship magazine, Physics Today, and eligibility for increased participation in AIP's history, news, media outreach, statistics, public policy, and student programs. In addition, the AMS cooperates with the AIP in their Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Science initiative, which creates short science segments for use in television news programs.

American Geosciences Institute (AGI)

AGI provides information services to geoscientists, serves as a voice for the geosciences community, plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in society’s use of resources, resilience to natural hazards, and the health of the environment. With this membership, AGI provides the following:

  • AMS members can try EARTH digitally for free at and see if they like it
  • AGI offers webinars and courses with their GOLI (Geoscience Online Learning Initiative) program
ASAE (American Society of Association Executives)

This is a group that consists primarily of executives of the various societies. They run a number of good courses throughout the year and provide information on publishing journals and running meetings.

Bookbuilders of Boston

This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing together people involved in book publishing and manufacturing. Its membership represents all facets of the book industry: editing, design, production, manufacturing, and marketing. Through its various activities, Bookbuilders offers a forum to exchange information, learn new technologies, and promote improvements in the quality of books.

CAST (Council for Agricultural Science and Technology)

This is a group that has many affiliated societies, including AMS, that has been producing reports on various aspects of agriculture for a long period of time.

CESSE (Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives)

This organization is similar to ASAE, but specific to the engineering and science societies and therefore even more valuable in being a forum for information exchange.

CPST (Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology)

An organization that has many societies, as well as some major corporations affiliated with it. CPST produces extremely important statistics with regard to the needs of scientists and engineers and with regard to the number of scientists and engineers that are coming out of the university system in this country, etc. They do develop recommendations with regard to future direction in these activities, but, more importantly, they are a source of information.

ITSA (Intelligent Transportation Society of America)

The Intelligent Transportation Society of America is a not-for-profit organization established in 1991 to coordinate the development and deployment of ITS in the United States. ITS America also has alliances with ITS organizations in other countries, most notably in Europe and Asia. The Society also provides numerous membership services and programs to assist its member organizations to achieve their ITS deployment and business objectives. Originally formed as a utilized Federal advisory committee, ITS America works closely with the Department of Transportation on projects and programs in support of the National ITS Program.

National Council of Industrial Meteorologists (NCIM), an Association of Certified Meteorologists

Consulting Members of NCIM/ACM are all American Meteorological Society's Board Certified Consulting Meteorologists. The Mission and Purpose of the NCIM, an Association of Certified Meteorologists, is to provide its members with a neutral forum to exchange information, network, and promote professional opportunities for its members in the science of meteorology serving society.

Renewable Natural Resources Foundation

This group’s purpose is to advance the science and public understanding on renewable natural resources. Many societies similar to the AMS are affiliated with this group.

SSP (Society for Scholarly Publishing)

This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those associated with scholarly publishing, including publishers (nonprofit and commercial), presses (university and commercial), and librarians.