The Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist


The Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist is open to all AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologists and AMS Sealholders. The award is for excellence in showcasing station scientist material that is accessible and interesting to the general public, recognizing that an informed, scientifically literate population is essential for meaningful public discourse and decision-making. Excellence can be demonstrated through a single report or series or an overall body of work. Material can be either on-air, online, or within public and professional speaking engagements. Short television or radio pieces, in-depth stories, and recurring segments are all eligible. Those who promote station scientist messages within blog content and presentations, both public and within professional conferences, are also eligible. The award honors individuals rather than institutions. The award is presented at the AMS Annual Meeting and is also acknowledged at the AMS Conference on Broadcast Meteorology.

Nominations are considered by the Professional Affairs Commission Committee on the Station Scientist, which submits its recommendation to the Board of Broadcast Meteorology and Commissioner prior to final approval by the AMS Council.

Nomination Process

Both self-nominations and colleague nominations are accepted. It is not necessary to be an AMS member to nominate or support an award nomination. The nominator is responsible for uploading the entire nomination package, which must include a citation of no more than 25 words, links to the nominee’s on-air and/or online work, and a letter of no more than one page explaining the contents and context of the submitted work. Nominations are due by 1 May.


  • citation (limit of 25 words)
  • links to the nominee’s on-air and/or online work. If, however, a link is not fully and freely accessible, then the material must be submitted in portable document format (PDF).