The Award for Early-Career Professional Achievement

The Award for Early-Career Professional Achievement recognizes early-career individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their profession. Their work should reflect a deep understanding of their expertise area and its application. Candidates should also demonstrate a high level of service to their community, society, and discipline, for example by mentoring fellow early-career professionals or students. This award is not intended to recognize early-career scientists who have demonstrated outstanding research ability, who instead should be considered for the Meisinger, Houghton, or Fofonoff Awards.

Nominations are considered by a committee of seven members, including the chair of the Board for Early Career Professionals (BECP), who will lead the committee, and three other members from the BECP; one member from the Board for Private Sector Meteorology; one member from the Board on Best Practices; and one member from the Commission on the Weather, Water, and Climate Enterprise’s Executive Committee. The BECP chair will submit a recommendation to the Commissioner on Professional Affairs, who will review and then make a recommendation to the Council for final approval.

Nomination Process

Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination! AMS membership is not required to submit an award nomination. Nominations are due by 1 May. The nominator is responsible for uploading the entire nomination package.

“Early career” is nominally taken to include scientists who are within 10 years of having earned their highest graduate degree or within 15 years of having earned their baccalaureate. Consideration will also be given, however, to those who are still in the early stage of their careers but have seen these interrupted for up to 5–10 years by family leaves, military service, and the like.


  • citation (25 words maximum)
  • nomination letter (3 page maximum)
  • nominee Curriculum Vitae (2 page maximum)
  • bibliography (3 page maximum)
  • three (3) letters of support (2 page maximum each)