Local Chapter Resources

This is the central repository for documents and links to help your Local Chapter with basic administration and planning as well as social media, yearly programming, fundraising, citizen science and volunteer initiatives. The information in these documents does not represent official direction from AMS. These documents are provided as a record of past activities that AMS Local Chapters have found productive or engaging. 

Is there something else you'd like to see but don't? Let us know at [email protected] or submit a writeup of your own activities to be added to the documentation.


Local Chapters have been connecting local communities to science and doing important educational and outreach work since 1932! It's impossible to record or celebrate all the great work they've done, but we've captured a few of the most common activities to help spark your own inspiration and give you ideas for how to successfully create activities with your own chapter


While the National AMS does not help local chapters with fundraising, Local Chapters have a wealth of information to share with each other on strategies, tactics, and fundraising fun. In order to support Local Chapter efforts to fundraise, we've compiled the ideas from Local Chapters in one place.

Web & Social Media

National AMS is looking for ways to increase support for Local Chapter websites and is planning to attach website login to the same identity officers use to update their directory listing. Stay tuned for more information on that. We've also collected some examples from other chapters of Social Media messaging and communications. 


Volunteering is an important way that chapters connect with their local communities, gain more chapter members, and put science to the service of society. Chapters take part in local environmental cleanup, educational projects and more. All this is considered as part of the chapter of the year nomination. 

Citizen Science

Local chapters are often hard at work collecting data to build scientific knowledge all over the world. Citizen science projects are a great way to keep members involved and to make a big difference with a small amount of effort.

  • Peruse the citizen science database (Coming Soon!)
  • Tell us about the difference your chapter is making at [email protected]

LCAC Webinars

The Local Chapter Affairs Committee strives to create and publicize several webinars per year that are of particular interest to local chapters. You can peruse those offerings or suggest a new topic.  

Chapter Brochure

Local chapter and AMS membership go hand in hand. Local chapters sometimes request marketing material or handouts to help them talk about AMS and what their chapter means locally and nationally. Take a look through these offerings for help. 

  • Download chapter brochure as PDF (Coming Soon!)


National AMS provides an editable letterhead template for local chapters to use. The letterhead has the AMS chapter logo and can be personalized with the name and contact information of the local chapter. 

Merchandise Discount

Local chapters receive a discount on branded merchandise from the AMS bookstore to use as prizes or chapter materials. For more information, review the AMS Local Chapter Officer's guide. 

Sample Constitutions

Local chapters are required to submit a copy of their chapter constitution to the National Society so it can be kept on file. Preferably this will be submitted electronically to [email protected], but it can also be mailed to 45 Beacon St.  

Sample Petitions

In order to open or restart a chapter, there must be five members of the AMS willing to sign a petition in support of the Local Chapter.