Board Statement on Submission Requirements

Dear CBM Candidate,

It’s important to understand that the Broadcast Board is responsible to and must represent the interests of several distinct groups; the profession of meteorology, the American Meteorological Society membership as a whole, its broadcast membership, and the viewing public.

Recognize that the CBM designation/Seal weathercast submission is to represent your personal best. Your application and supporting material should reflect your personal approach to weathercasting as well as your professional skills; that is why it is awarded to the individual broadcast meteorologist, not to the station.

While it's understood that station management and their advisors have a right to their opinion on what best serves their local viewers and what is consistent with their broadcasting philosophy, the AMS cannot and will not abdicate responsibility for setting and maintaining standards for professionalism that are consistent with the Society's mission statement: to advance the atmospheric and related sciences, technologies, applications and services for the benefit of society.

The evaluation is designed in a way to evaluate how you perform to our mission statement despite the restrictions that you may have.


Board of Broadcast Meteorology