Information for CBMs and Sealholders

Professional Development

The AMS requires all Certified Broadcast Meteorologists (CBMs) and Sealholders to complete a 28 point professional development requirement every five years. Did you know that school visits, vendor training, working in the field, holding an AMS certification, the completion of COMET modules, and attending a science related meeting/conference are a few of the many activities that can earn you professional development points? To make it even easier for you, the AMS has created an online tracking system where you can enter and submit your points. Please see the Professional Development home page for all the resources you need to complete this requirement.

Station Scientist Initiative

Broadcast meteorologists are often the only people in television newsrooms who have a background in science. That makes them qualified not just to deliver the weather, but also to provide more science news to their viewing audience. 

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) promotes the notion that broadcast meteorologists are the “station scientists,” and are equipping them to cover a broader range of science topics for their station, in addition to tomorrow’s weather. This would include environmental and space issues, weather and climate impacts on public health, transportation, agriculture, energy use, and other topics. Go to the AMS Stations Scientist page for online resources, videos, articles, a list of committee members and other valuable resources.