School Talks Organized by Research Meteorologists (STORM)

An opportunity to have a local atmospheric scientist visit your classroom

The American Meteorological Society (AMS), the premier international scientific and professional society serving the atmospheric and related sciences, is headquartered in Boston.  The staff of the AMS includes several advanced degreed atmospheric scientists who would be very happy to schedule a visit to your classroom to talk about weather and climate.

This is a great opportunity for your students to interact with a scientist who studies the very phenomena they experience every day, from rainbows to winter storms.  The AMS scientists would be happy to discuss weather or climate at a level appropriate for your class and to answer questions that your students may have.  This is a great supplement to the weather unit in your science course.  We can also talk to students about how to prepare for a career in the sciences, particularly in the atmospheric or other environmental sciences.

There is no charge for STORM Team visits — we do this as volunteers to share our excitement about science with young people and as a service to the Boston community that we have made our home.  We will do our best to schedule visits for any school in the greater Boston area.

To schedule a STORM classroom visit, contact Claudia Gorski at [email protected].