Tiered Membership Dues

Dues are calculated on a sliding scale based on income. Whatever your personal circumstance, AMS membership is there for you.

Annual Income Yearly Membership Dues
Less than $35,000  $38 
$35,000–$55,000 $60 
$55,001–$85,000 $93
$85,001–$115,000 $119
$115,001-$150,000 $147
$150,001–$250,000 $185
$250,001 and above $229
Default $197

It is important to note that we are asking members to voluntarily choose the dues tier that most closely matches their annual income at the time they renew each year (or for new members when they join). No information about which tier a member has selected will be accessible beyond the staff processing the dues, and the information will not be released or used for any other purpose.