Tips for a Successful Visit

To ensure your day on Capitol Hill is worthwhile, please keep these tips in mind: 

  • CVDs are informational and relationship building events. Messages may be policy relevant but must not be policy prescriptive.

  • Participants in CVDs do not speak on behalf of AMS. They speak on behalf of themselves and/or their employing institutions. Please be clear with those you meet with that opinions and views expressed are those of the individual and not of AMS.

  • The materials provided by AMS or other participating societies are designed to help you create your message, but you are not required to deliver any particular message. Brainstorm your main message. For instance, what important science research occurs in your representative’s district? How does the research support public safety? Why is federal funding important for innovation and job creation, and what can Congress do to help? Remember: keep it simple, and to the point.

  • Do your homework. Research your Representative and Senators. Check out their websites for more information on the issues and agenda items most important to them. This will help you form your main message during your meeting.

  • The training on the first day of CVD is mandatory. You will learn the guidelines for the event and work on your message. You will also meet the scientists who will be attending visits with you and network with other participants.