Notes from the Policy Program Director

Reprints of Paul's recent BAMS columns


Climate Change as a Public and Policy Issue

As a public and policy issue, climate change boils down to four overarching questions: 1) is climate changing? 2) are people causing climate to change? 3) if so, how serious are the risks to society? and 4) what are the strengths and weaknesses of our different risk management options?

The Role of Science in Policy

Scientists who contribute to policy are most effective when they have clear goals and a strategy for achieving them.

Weather and Climate Risks: Possible, Probable, and Effectively Certain

Improved communication of risks and opportunities relating to weather, water, and climate would help the broader society benefit from the scientific advances the AMS community routinely provides.

Visions and Goals for the AMS Policy Program

The scientific community faces two major challenges that the Policy Program seeks to address.

Alignment of Policy Frameworks and Goals

The key to understanding climate policy, in my view, is to identify a broad range of options and then assess the strengths and weaknesses of each option as objectively as possible.

Legitimacy in Scientific Assessments and the Expression of Community Opinion

There is great need for the scientific community to effectively and credibly communicate with the broader society. Here are a few thoughts on doing so with legitimacy and power.

Weather, Water, and Climate: A Strong Positive Case for Support

Thoughtful engagement with the policy process has the potential to help secure the supoort and recources that our community needs to make critical information and services available.

The President's Climate Speech

Analysis of President Obama's long-anticipated vision for climate change risk management.