Information for Broadcast Meteorologists

This page is dedicated to resources that our broadcast meteorology community may find useful. On this site, you will find information on our Station Scientist initiative, certification programs, professional development, upcoming meetings/conferences as well as links to many other items of interest.

AMS Awards

The Council of the American Meteorological Society invites the Broadcast Meteorology community to submit nominations for consideration for the Society Awards, Lecturers, Named Symposia, Fellows, Honorary members, and nominees for elective Officers and Councilors of the Society.

The AMS has two awards specifically for Broadcast Meteorologists.

  • The Award for Broadcast Meteorology
  • The Award for Excellence in Science Reporting by a Broadcast Meteorologist

For detailed information on the Awards process including award descriptions, past winners, and the online nomination process, please see the Awards home page. Each year the deadline for nominations is 1 May.

AMS Journals and Books

Are you interested in searching AMS journals for a topic of interest, submitting an article for publication, or viewing a list of AMS books on topics such as economic and societal impacts of tornadoes or the history of broadcast meteorology? If so, please take a look at the Journals home page.

Certification Programs

Are you interested in applying for the AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation? The CBM Program was established to raise the professional standard in broadcast meteorology and encourage a broader range of scientific understanding, especially with respect to environmental issues. The goal of the CBM program is to certify that the holder meets specific educational and experience criteria and has passed rigorous testing in their knowledge and communication of meteorology and related sciences needed to be an effective broadcast meteorologist. For detailed information on the CBM Program, including educational requirements, applications, and study guide, please see our Certification Programs home page.


Did you know that AMS Certified Broadcast Meteorologists (CBMs) and Sealholders earn 1 professional development point per day (up to 4 points) for attending a science related meeting/conference and up to 4 professional development points for completing an AMS short course? Check out our Meetings page for a list of upcoming AMS meetings and other meetings of interest as well as guidelines on how to register for a conference or submit an abstract.

Member Services

Our Member Services page makes it easy for you to update your address, renew your dues and subscriptions, and create an online profile.

Professional Development

The AMS requires all Certified Broadcast Meteorologists (CBMs), Sealholders, and Certified Consulting Meteorologists (CCMs) to complete a 28 point professional development requirement every five years. Did you know that school visits, vendor training, working in the field, holding an AMS certification, the completion of COMET modules, and attending a science related meeting/conference are a few of the many activities that can earn you professional development points? To make it even easier for you, the AMS has created an online tracking system where you can enter and submit your points. Please see the Professional Development home page for all the resources you need to complete this requirement.

Station Scientist Initiative

Broadcast meteorologists are often the only people in television newsrooms who have a background in science. That makes them qualified not just to deliver the weather, but also to provide more science news to the viewing audience. 

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) is promoting the notion of regarding broadcast meteorologists as the “station scientists,” and equipping them to cover a broader range of science topics for their station, in addition to tomorrow’s weather.  This would include environmental and space issues, weather and climate impacts on public health, transportation, agriculture, energy use, and other topics. Go to the Stations Scientist home page for online resources, videos, articles, a list of committee members and other valuable resources.

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