Green Meetings Initiative

As leaders in the weather, water and climate community, the AMS recognizes the impacts that our meetings can have on the environment. We are committed to improving the sustainability of all meetings, including specialty meetings. 

AMS is building on sustainable practices from previous events with new guidelines that govern how we conduct our meetings and scientific conferences, and what partners and venues we choose to work with.

What We’re Doing–and What You Can Do

Not only is the AMS committed to reducing our carbon footprint at our meetings, we are encouraging all attendees to get involved and help the AMS reach our goals. Below are the initiatives that AMS is proud to offer at the 21st Conference on Mountain Meteorology.

AMS is:

  • Increasing our vegetarian/pescetarian/vegan menu options.
  • Collecting RSVPs for food events to provide the right amount of food and reduce waste.
  • Utilizing digital signage when possible.
  • Requesting AMS waste and donation data from all AMS meeting venues.
    • Trash, recycling, composting, etc.
  • Offsetting all staff travel by purchasing carbon offsets from Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
  • Encouraging attendees to offset meeting travel by purchasing carbon offsets. 
    • Offset your travel by purchasing carbon offsets here.
  • Encouraging staff and attendees to use public transportation around Boise.
  • Offering badge holder and lanyard recycling via boxes in the registration area.
  • Minimizing printed materials
    • If you need a meeting program, please request one during the registration process.  Otherwise, please use our online program to plan your day and see what’s next!
  • Printing on materials that are reusable, recyclable, eco-conscious, etc.
  • Continuing to offer a virtual attendance option for all meetings.
  • Conducting a site visit to explore sustainability in practice at each meeting venue.

In addition to AMS initiatives, the Boise Centre also engages in sustainable practices. 

To learn more about the convention center's sustainability initiatives, click here.

In addition to AMS initiatives, the City of Boise also engages in sustainable practices.

  • Boise's Energy Future - focused on setting measurable and achievable renewable energy and efficiency goals for the entire city.
  • City of Trees Challenge - planting trees to offset carbon and provide tree canopy across the community.
  • Water Renewal Services - recovers resources from used water and creates clean water that goes into the Boise River (approximately 10 billion gallons of water each year).

To learn more about Boise’s sustainability initiatives, click here.