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Frequently Asked Questions for the AMS Weather, Ocean, and Climate Studies digital books

If you have any trouble, please contact us at [email protected] with a description of your problem. Let us know what step you're on or what program you're using. If possible, include the full error message and your order number.

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AMSEDU Bookstore

Placing an order with Credit Cart

We accept MasterCard, VISA, or American Express. We cannot accept Discover or prepaid cards. 

Access Card or Coupon Code

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Returning to the AMSEDU Bookstore

To log in, you need to use your username, not your email address. When you first place an order, your username and password will be included in the emailed receipt. An account is created automatically for your email when you first place an order.

If you forget your username, request a new password and your username will be included in the email.

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Book Formats

The books are available as Online ePub or ePub Download rentals for six months, as well as non-rental, non-expiring ePub Downloads and (non-rental) physical Softcovers. 

  • Online ePub
    • Most intuitive
    • Access on any computer/device with internet access
    • Text-to-Speech reader, Flashcards, Notes to Study Guide
  • ePub Download
    • Requires Adobe DRM compatible ePub reader
    • Not for public computers (libraries, computer labs)
    • Once downloaded does not require internet
  • Softcover
    • Additional cost (books are published digitally, there is no stockpile of physical books)
    • 2-6 business days to process/print before ships
    • Forever Yours
  • No PDF of the books is available for purchase
  • Swap the format after purchase

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Online ePub - Read Now

Click on the Read Now button to open the books in a second browser tab.  While Chrome is recommended, Firefox, Safari, Edge and others work. Internet Explorer (IE) cannot open the Online ePub.

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ePub Download - Download

Both the manual and textbook require an Adobe DRM compatible ePub reader. Adobe Digital Editions is the free ePub reader that can open your books. The books will NOT open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. While they may open initially with other ePub readers, as these cannot be authorized with an Adobe ID, they will eventually be unreadable. 

Click on the Download button to download the ePub file. If you already installed Digital Editions, it should open in that automatically 

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Adobe Digital Editions (ePub Download)

Steps to download/open ePub Download

  1. Create an Adobe ID
  2. Download/Install Adobe Digital Editions
  3. Log into the AMSEDU Bookstore and download the books

List of error messages

Adobe ID

Adobe Digital Editions Help Pages

Authorizing another machine

For if you want to authorize a second computer or device, or if your main computer crashes or is lost and you need to install everything again.

  1. If needed, reset your Adobe ID password
  2. Install Digital Editions
  3. Authorize the computer
  4. Log into the AMSEDU Bookstore and download the books

List of error messages

Tablets and smart phones

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Error Messages for ePub Download

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AMSEDU Bookstore 

Order isn't going through

Ensure all your information is correct and give it another try. Otherwise email [email protected] with a description of what is happening.

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No conformation email 

When you place an order, either directly or with a coupon, you should receive at least two automated emails from the AMSEDU Bookstore. One is the receipt, which will include your username if it is your first purchase, and the other is instructions for the format of the ebook.

Automated emails are often caught in email filters, which can delay their arrival, or pulled into the Spam/Junk folders. Some school accounts will not allow the automated emails from 'unknown' sources. 

Please check your Spam/Junk folder.

It is also possible there was a typo in the email address, which is why the email was not delivered.

If you do not receive a conformation email, contact [email protected]. Include the full name and email address provided when placing the order, as well as the order number if you have it.

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Swap Formats

If you are having trouble with Digital Editions and would prefer to read online instead; if you don't like the online reader and would prefer to download the books; if the digital books are not working for you and you want to pay extra for the softcover; email [email protected] to either swap between the digital formats or ask about getting a softcover.

Changing the format is NOT always possible

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Page Not Found

When you enter the URL from the Access Card, you receive the Page Not Found message:

AMSEDU Bookstore screenshot for error Page Not Found


Double check that the url is correct. If it is, contact [email protected] with the url and coupon code. We'll check it against our records. 

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Invalid/Expired Coupon

When you enter the coupon code, you receive an error message stating "This coupon code is invalid or expired.

screenshot of bookstore with error message for invalid or expired coupon

The AMSEDU Bookstore does not recognize the coupon code, it assumes it is an invalid code or a valid code that has expired. Most likely, there is a typo. 

All the coupon codes are capitalized letters and digits, the zero will have an slash through it. Give the coupon code another look and see if that helps.

If the problem persists, email [email protected] with the coupon code and the control number (at the bottom of the right inside page of the Access Card) and we'll check it against our records.

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Coupon reached limit

When you enter the coupon code, you receive an error message stating "This coupon code has reached the maximum redemption limit.

screenshot of bookstore with maximum limit error message

Each coupon can only be used once. It is possible an earlier attempt went through. If possible, click on My Account in the upper right and see if that brings up the books. Otherwise, try resetting your password.

Otherwise, email [email protected] with the coupon code and the control number (at the bottom of the right inside page of the Access Card) and we'll check it against our records.

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Returning to the AMSEDU Bookstore

1. Go to the AMSEDU Bookstore and log in with your username. You may need to request a new password

bookstore homepage with username and password field circled

2. Once logged in, click on My Account

bookstore homepage with the My Account links circled


Or go to User Account page, which will take you directly to your books once you log in

Bookstore User Account page with Username and Password fields in the center

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Can't Log into AMSEDU Bookstore

When you enter your username and password, you receive the error message "Sorry, unrecognized username or password. Have you forgotten your password?"

Homepage with unrecognize username or password error message

Either the password or the username could have a typo in them. You can create a new password here and follow the steps here (or scroll down). After 5 failed attempts to log in, you will be blocked

If you did not create an account when you purchased the books, then one is created automatically. Your username is likely the first part of your email address (before the @). If you create a new password, you will also be given your username.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected]. Include the full name and email address you provided when placing the order.

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Resetting Your Password

If you've never created or have forgotten your password for the AMSEDU Bookstore, you can change it. From the AMSEDU Bookstore homepage, click on the Request new password link.

1. Go to edubooks.ametsoc.org/user/password  

2. Enter the email address or username you used when you downloaded your materials then click on Reset Password

User account page with a field to enter the username or email and one for CAPTCHA

If your username or email address are not recognized, try typing them in again. Otherwise, contact [email protected] and we will find your account info. Include the full name provided when placing the order

3. Further instructions are sent to your email

user account page with message that the instructions were sent

4. Check your email, including your Spam folder, for the provided link. Your username is also included. Click the link (If you do not receive this email, after checking your Spam folder, contact us at [email protected])

email with link to reset the password, all instances of the username are highlighted

5. The emailed link brings you to a page with your username in italic as well as when the page will expire. Click the Log In button. If you receive an error that the link has already been used, request a new email

Password reset landing page with further information and instructions

6. In your account, your username and email address are already filled out. Create a new password and confirm that password. It must be at least 6 characters, including both lower and uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation

Account page with fields to make and confirm the new password

7. Once the password is created, scroll down to click the Save button

The account page with the text The changes have been saved

The new password has now been saved and you are signed in.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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No email with new password link

Automated emails are often caught in email filters, which can delay their arrival, or they are pulled into the Spam/Junk folders. Some school accounts will not allow the automated emails from 'unknown' sources. 

Check your Spam/Junk folder. If you do not receive an email, contact [email protected]

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Not Recognized

When requesting a new password, your email address (or username) "is not recognized as a user name or an e-mail address."

Account page with the username and email not recognized error message

Is it possible you used your personal or school address instead? This email address should match the one provided when you placed the order. 

If it still doesn't work, contact [email protected] and we will find your account info. Include the full name provided when placing the order.

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Link is already used

When following the link from the email to reset your password, you receive the error message "You have tried to use a one-time login link that has either been used or is no longer valid. Please request a new one using the form below."

Account page with notice that email address is not recognized

The emailed link only works for about a day and can only be used once. If you request an email multiple times, it's best to delete older requests so you know which are still active.

Fill out the form again to get a new password.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Blocked Account

When entering your username and password, you receive the message: "Sorry, there have been more than 5 failed login attempts for this account. It is temporarily blocked. Try again later or request a new password. " 

Homepage with error message that the account has been temporarily blocked

It can take a number of hours for the username to be unblocked.

Contact [email protected] and request to have your username unblocked. Please include your username in the email.

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Online ePub 

Pop-up Box Options

If you double click or click and drag in the online reader, the text will highlight and you can create notes, flashcards, copy the section or create a citation. 

If click on a single word or click and drag over many words, you will see a pop-up menu. Definition only words with a single word or term.

Popup box with four colors and four icons over the text of the online book

The second option is Create a Note, which allows you to make notes about the text you selected. This will be saved and can be reached from the Learning Tools (icon of horizontal bars in the upper left).  When you have saved a note, a dot the same color as the highlight is added to the right.

Popup box to add a note over the text of the book

The next option is the Create a Flashcard. You can review your flashcards in the Learning Tools. The easiest way to create a flashcard is by highlighting the definition instead of the term. This ensures the full definition shows up in the 'back' of the flashcard. You can enter the term and edit the definitions as needed.

1. Start by highlighting the text and select Create a Flashcard

Flashcard popup over the text

2. A popup to create the flash card will show the definition you highlighted. If you highlight a small amount of text, it will be placed in the front of the flashcard.

3. You can have several decks of flashcards. You can organize them by chapter, by section, or by topic. In this case, we are adding it to the already created 'Weather' deck.

4. Make sure you have a deck selected, a front and a back, then click Save


To Copy Text, highlight the text you want to copy and then select the fourth options

Pop-up box with an arrow pointing at the copy option

The text you have highlighted then appears in the Copied Content field. 75% of the text in the books are allowed to be copied, so each time you want to copy part of it, it verifies that you do intend that to happen and it was not a mistake. Click the Copy button and you can paste the select elsewhere.

Popup box displaying the percent of text copied

The Citation option provides a quick way to cite the books in APA, Chicago and MLA formats.

Selecting Read Aloud from Here will start the text-to-speech.

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Online ePub Buttons

The Online ePub has helpful functions to navigate, study and listen to the books. They can be difficult to find if you're unfamiliar, so they are identified here.

screenshot of the top of the online reader

On the top left, the horizontal bars are the icon for the Learning Tools Drawer . On the top right, from left to right, Is the Table of Contents, the Search, the Appearance Settings and the Additional Options.

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Search is the middle button on the left. It works much like an index in a physical book, displaying where words are used throughout the book, as well as linking to them.

1. Click on the magnifying glass to open the search box

Online reader with arrow pointing at search icon

2. The search box opens on the left side of the screen. Type the words you want to search for.

Blank search box

3. Some words, like "water" will have hundreds of hits. This example of "Coriolis" shows the results chapter by chapter. There is one result in the [Table of] Contents and twenty-four results in Chapter 4. 

Search for Coriolis as an example

4. You can scroll down to see all the options and click on the arrows next to each result to go to the section where the word is used. 

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Play will start reading the text at all the default settings. 

Online book with arrow pointing at the Play button

If you click on the three horizontal circles, it opens features you can change as you listen, such as the volume, the speed of the reading, to stop or go back, and to go play from the top.

Horizontal toolbar for text to speech

If you want to change the voice, go to the Menu (four horizontal bars on the left) and scroll down to the Text to Speech options there.

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Most of the navigation, note taking, and options are accessible within in the Menu. Only a few will be explored here and we encourage to you look into the rest.

online boo with an arrow pointed at the menu icon

The Table of Contents is a great way to navigate through the book. The Bookmarks is where all the pages you bookmarked (while reading) are listed, as anything you highlight or add notes to is listed in the Notes & Highlights section. The Study Guide brings all your notes into a single document (which can be organized by highlighter colors), and the flashcards you made are gathered in the Flashcards section. 

We will explore the Display Options, Copied Content, Print, Offline and Text-to-Speech more closely.

List of menu options and their icons for the the online reader

In the Display Options, if you toggle the Personal View on (from left to right), you will have a list of styles to choose from, which allows you to change the size and font of the text, the background vs text colors (sepia and night), as well as the horizontal and vertical spacing and how narrow or wide the margins are. This may make it easier to read online.  

Ways to personalize the book

If you have already Copied Content from the books, you can return here to see it again. If you need to paste any section you already copied, you can do so from here. You are allowed to copy 100% of the text of the books. (If you are annoyed by the dashes that underline sections you have copied, you can toggle that off here as well.)

Example of already copied content


If you want to Print any part of the books, you can select the page to start on and to end on in this menu. This is also tracked, and you can print 35% of each book. 

Print options menu


The Offline reader allows you to read while not connected to the internet if you arrange for it beforehand. You need to read it on the same device you are on, as it is stored in your cache. When you are offline you open and read what you have selected. (You will still be reading it in your web browser, you just won't be connected to the internet.) You can read 100% of the book offline, if you like, and this is done by chapters rather than page numbers.  Once you select the chapters you want, scroll to the bottom and select Download.

Offline reading menu screenshot

Currently, the only additional Text to Speech option in the Menu, compared to the options on the regular screen, is the voice. The default is David and the other two options are Mark and Zira. Experiment with what works best for you. 

Menu of further options for the text-to-speech menu

If you continue to have further questions, please contact [email protected].

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Timed out while reading online

Screenshot of timed out message: You've been away too long

After an hour, the online reader times out, which will also occur if the same book is opened in two different browsers or computers. 

Close this tab and click on the Read Now button in the AMSEDU Bookstore eLibrary again. You may need to refresh the page.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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White Page

Especially if you timed out, sometimes when you click the Read Now button, you receive either a blank page or a blank page with the text {"error_message": "Invalid security token"}

Refreshing the page should work. If it does not, close that tab and refresh the AMSEDU Bookstore page then click the Read Now button again. 

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Online Reading is currently unavailable

When you go to your books, instead of the Read Now button, there is the message "Online reading is currently unavailable."

Screenshot from eLibrary zoomed in on error message

Has your rental period ended? The Online ePub has a 6 month rental period with a 3 month grace period afterward. Once the 9 months has passed, the online reading is unavailable.

If your rental period is still active, contact us at [email protected]. Either there is a system wide problem or we need to push the books back into your eLibrary.

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Adobe Digital Editions 

Downloading and Installing Digital Editions

The ePub Download, both the manual and textbook, requires an Adobe DRM compatible ePub reader. Adobe Digital Editions is the free ePub reader that can open your books.

The books will NOT open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. While they may open initially with other ePub readers, as these cannot be authorized with an Adobe ID, they will eventually be unreadable. 

1. Go to www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions/download.html

Adobe Digital Editions Download page with Mac and PC download links circled

2. Click either the Macintosh or Windows Link to download. You may need to open the .dmg or .exe file

Pop up Security Warning asking if you want to run this file

4. Click Run

Popup asking if you will allow the program to make changes to your computer

5. Click Yes

Pop up asking for a software license agreement

6. Select "I accept the terms" then click Next

Popup asking what extras you want, such as shortcuts

We recommend at least one shortcut, but whatever works for you to have easier access to the books. You will return to the books by opening Digital Editions. The number of items you check will not influence the program itself.

7. Once you've selected what you want to use, click Next

Popup asking where you want ADE to be saved in your folders

8. Click Install


Popup showing the bar as the program loads

9. It may go quickly or take a little time for the process to complete

Adobe Digital Editions successfully opened to its Library

Digital Editions is now on your computer. Scroll down for the steps to create an Adobe ID and authorize your computer.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Creating an Adobe ID

An Adobe ID is how Digital Editions recognizes you as a user, allowing you to open the books on other computers or devices. If your computer or device crashes, the authorization will be lost and you can easily reauthorize it with your Adobe ID. An Adobe ID is free and easy to create. 

Go here to sign up directly. Once you have confirmed your email address, you'll be ready to go.

Popup window to enter name and email address to create an adobe ID

Logging into adobe.com does not authorize your computer. 

Scroll down for the steps to authorize your computer

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Authorizing your Computer

By authorizing your computer with an Adobe ID, you can access your book on a number of other computers and devices. Also, if anything happens to this computer, the Adobe ID allows you to more easily access the books again. While you can authorize without an Adobe ID, you will only be able to open the books on this computer.

1. Open Digital Editions

Help tab open in Digital Editions with Authorize Computer selected

2. From the Help tab, select Authorize Computer (or use Ctrl+Shift+U or Cmd+Shift+U)

Pop up box to authorize your computer

3. Enter your Adobe ID and password then click Authorize. The eBook Vendor should be set as Adobe ID. (You can also check I want to authorize my computer without an ID then click Authorize)

If you receive an error message, close out and reset your password

Pop up confirming your computer has been authorized

4. Once your computer is authorized, click OK

5. Close and open Digital Editions to ensure it has "taken" properly. (ADE can be fussy)

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Resetting password for Adobe ID

To access multiple computers and devices, you'll need to enter your Adobe ID and password on all of them. If you do not recall your password for your Adobe ID, you can reset it.

1. Do reset your Adobe ID password, go here

Popup asking Forgot password? with a field for your email

2. Enter your email (which is your Adobe ID) and click Next

Popup that says Check your email

3. Check your email, including your Spam folder, for the Adobe email

email from Adobe with a link to follow

4. Click "this link"

Adobe popup to enter and confirm a new password

3. Enter a new password twice ensuring it is at least 8 characters with at least one number, symbol and an upper and lowercase letter

Adobe pop up that confirms your password has been changed

4. With your Adobe ID and password, you can authorize your computer then return to the AMSEDU Bookstore and download the books anew.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Erasing the Authorization on your computer

If the authorization for your computer has become damaged, the best thing to do is erase the authorization and then authorize it anew.

1. Open Digital Editions and, under the Help tab, select Erase Authorization (or use Ctrl+Shift+D or Cmd+Shift+D)

Digital Editions screenshot with Help dropbox open and Erase Authorization selected

2. Depending on your version of Digital Editions, it will ask you to enter your Adobe ID 

If you forgot, reset your password here (or go here for instructions).

Pop up asking for Adobe ID and password to erase authorization

3. Enter your password and click Continue

Pop up asking to confirm you want the authorization erased

4. Click Erase Authorization

Pop up confirming the authorization has been erased

5. Click OK

Now your computer has been de-authorized. You can reauthorization it by clicking on the Help tab, selecting Authorize Computer and entering your Adobe ID and password. For instructions on the process, click here.

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Saving and opening the ePub files on your computer

The books should open automatically in Digital Editions when they are downloaded. However, if they don't open, or if your computer tries to open them with another program (such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Word or Notepad), they can be opened manually.

1. Log into the AMSEDU Bookstore 

2. Right click on the Download button.

Drop down box open on Download with Save Link As selected

3. Select Save link as (Save/Download/etc) to save the files to the Download folder on your computer. The file will save as URLLink.csm

4. Open Digital Editions in the Library (so Getting Started is surrounded by white space)

Digital Editions with dropdown box for the File tab open and Add to Library highlighted

5. Under the File tab, click on Add to Library (or use Ctrl+O or Cmd+O)

Search in windows with an empty field and drop box open to change the file type

6. Browse to your Download folder 

7. In the lower left, click on the drop box and change the file type to "Adobe Content Server Message (*.acsm)"

Folder window with URL Link highlighted

8. Select each URLLink file and click Open

The file should start fulfilling/opening in Digital Editions (it may go quickly but can take a bit)

You can check the ADE error messages if one pops up or email [email protected] for more help.

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Other Devices

Adobe Digital Editions is available for both Apple and Android devices. You can follow these links or search for it in the app store.


If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected].

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Common ADE Error Messages


E_ACT_NOT_READY or Error! Check Activation

If the authorization is damage, you will receive the E_ACT_NOT_READY message (first image) while downloading the book or the Error! Check Activation message (second image) if you are opening the book from the ADE library. (Sometimes, the download error message is E_AUTH_NOT_READY.)

Pop up error message reads E Act Not Ready

Pop up error message reads Error Check Activation

In both cases, the best thing to do is erase the authorization and then authorize your computer again. For a detailed guide, click here.

1. Open Digital Editions, click on the Help tab then select Erase Authorization (Ctrl+Shift+D or Cmd+Shift+D) and follow the prompts

2. Click on the Help tab then select Authorization Computer (Ctrl+Shift+U or Cmd+Shift+U) and follow the prompts

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The E_ADEPT_NO_TOKEN implies there is no file (token) to be opened, however it often pops up for other reasons, acting as a catchall for errors. 

Pop up error message reads E adept no token

Please email [email protected] with the error message and your order number and we'll help out. 

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If you try to download and open the books on a computer that is not authorized with the same Adobe ID as the original computer, you will receive the error message E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFLLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER.

pop up error message reads e lice already fulfilled by another user

Authorize the new computer with your Adobe ID then download the books (if necessary). If you've forgotten your Adobe ID password, you can reset it here, and click here for a guide to resetting the Adobe password

If that doesn't work, email us at [email protected] with the error message and your order number.

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If your computer's time stamp does not match Adobe's time stamp, you will receive the error message E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED. This message can also be prompted by other things though.

Pop up error message reads E adept request expired

Check the time and date in the corner of your desktop. Does it match the official time? If not, change it through your Date and Time via Settings.

Most computers and devices sync their time now, so this is less likely the cause. Email us at [email protected] with the error message and your order number.

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When the book takes too long to download it will finally be cut off with the E_STREAM_ERROR message.

Pop up error message reads E stream error

This message implies that there isn't enough bandwidth to download the files, much like congestion on the highway. Because of the size of the epubs, they take up more lanes and it's unable to merge.

If possible, take your laptop to your campus library or a cafe, or try again at a different hour. If you are at home or in a dorm, evening hours can have more traffic because more people are streaming movies, videos and music. Sometimes early afternoon or mid morning is the best time to download the books.

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Book Opens in Wrong Program

The file may try to open in another program instead of Digital Editions. If your computer tries to open the acsm file with Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word, Notepad or any other program, it won't open. Instead, you'll receive an email like below, saying it can't open, and may be damaged or corrupt. Alternatively, especially with Word or Notepad, it will open the code related to the epub file, which will look like random gibberish. 

Pop up reads Adobe Reader could not open U R L Link dot a s c m

This often happens if you try to download the ebooks before installing Digital Editions. If you haven't yet, install Adobe Digital Editions.

If you have downloaded Digital Editions and still receive this message, you can download the files manually.

If you continue to have problems, please contact [email protected]. Please include the step you are on.

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