Living with Our Changing Climate

Living With Our Changing Climate reveals the impact that each of us has on the climate. With this understanding comes choices and actions for a more sustainable future.

Earth’s climate is inherently variable, but is currently changing at rates unprecedented in recent Earth history. Human activity plays a major role in this change and is projected to do so well into the future. By incorporating the latest science, Living With Our Changing Climate elaborates on this human interaction with the climate system along with how climate variations affect humanity.

An abridged version of the Our Changing Climate: Introduction to Climate Science etextbookLiving With Our Changing Climate addresses:

  • The human and ecosystem vulnerabilities to climate change
  • The role of energy choices in affecting climate
  • The actions humans can take through adaptation, mitigation, and policy to lessen vulnerabilities
  • The psychological and financial reasons behind climate change denial

Each chapter ends by highlighting the Big Ideas within that chapter, as well as providing Key Terms, Review and Critical Thinking Questions. Any outside sources are included in the Web Resources while the Scientific Literature cites the expertise we drew from. The For Further Explorations address specific concepts within the chapter, while throughout the chapter the Topics in Depth lead to more extensive information.

This eBook is compatible with a variety of devices and also available through print on demand. It can be purchased at the AMSEDU Bookstore.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Earth's Climate as a Dynamic System
Chapter 2: Observing Earth's Climate System
Chapter 3: Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Use
Chapter 4: Human Needs, Actions and Public Policy
Chapter 5: Climate Studies as a Scientific Endeavor in a Changing Society