AMS Soundings is a monthly newsletter that goes out to AMS members and friends. Each edition includes news updates, profiles, awards, special articles, important dates, and other great information about all that’s going on with AMS, our work, and our community. We hope you enjoy reading it, and we always welcome your feedback.

Soundings Archives

May 2017 AMS Soundings

AMS 100th Anniversary Campaign, Collective Global Climate Statement, AMS Washington Forum, and more in this issue of Soundings.

April 2017 AMS Soundings

Message from acting President Roger Wakimoto, improved BAMS Digital Edition, 98th Annual Meeting, and more in this issue of Soundings.

March 2017 AMS Soundings

March for Science, Awards Nominations, Summer Education programs and more in this issue of Soundings.

February 2017 AMS Soundings

97th AMS Annual Meeting largest Annual Meeting ever, AMS adopts best statement on new version of Digital BAMS, and more!

January 2017 AMS Soundings

Explaining Extreme Events from a Climate Perspective, re-launched, volunteer opportunities, and more in this issue of Soundings.

December 2016 AMS Soundings

Congressional Science Fellowship information, AMS election results, and a newly revised format all in this month's issue of Soundings.

November 2016 AMS Soundings

Annual Meeting Special Events, New book, Education Opportunities and more in this issue of Soundings.

October 2016 AMS Soundings

Annual Meeting spotlight, new AMS Meteorological Monographs, Climate Studies Diversity Project Implementation Workshop and more in this issue of Soundings.

September 2016 AMS Soundings

The value of becoming a Certified Consulting Meteorologist, upcoming workshops and lectures, and Glossary Word of the Month all in this issue of AMS Soundings!

August 2016 AMS Soundings

In this issue all about reports from State of the Climate 2015 to the AMS Annual Report and much more. Read about it here.

July 2016 AMS Soundings

Read the AMS Statement on Weather, Water, and Climate Priorities, find out about our new 'School of Ice" workshop, and see the latest AMS Meteorological Monograph in this issue of Soundings.

June 2016 AMS Soundings

Read about AMS journal production times, watch interviews with AMS-published, Europe-based atmospheric scientists, and review slides from the AMS Policy Program's Capitol Hill briefing on "Radio Spectrum for Earth Science."

May 2016 AMS Soundings

Read the latest on radio frequency allocation, student travel grants, and ways to get involved with AMS in this issue of Soundings!

April 2016 AMS Soundings

Inside you'll find a letter from AMS President Fred Carr, news on the AMS Education and Policy Programs, information on AMS awards, upcoming important dates for the AMS community, and much more!

March 2016 AMS Soundings
February 2016 AMS Soundings
AMS Special Edition: Annual Meeting
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