AMS Soundings is a monthly newsletter that goes out to AMS members and friends. Each edition includes news updates, profiles, awards, special articles, important dates, and other great information about all that’s going on with AMS, our work, and our community. We hope you enjoy reading it, and we always welcome your feedback.

Soundings Archives

AMS Soundings May 2020

AMS Voices, Fall DataStreme, New Career Resources, and more.

AMS Soundings April 2020

Free Journals access and other COVID-19 updates

AMS Soundings March 2020

Award nominations, a new BAMS, and student scholarships. 

AMS Soundings February 2020

New awards, details on the 2020 Summer Policy Colloquium,  and the new AMS website.

AMS Soundings Annual 2020

Highlights from the 100th Annual Meeting, including the Student and Early Career Conferences, the Presidential Forum, and more.

AMS Soundings January 2020

New AMS Certification Program, new book release, and Annual Meeting updates.

AMS Soundings December 2019

Giving Campaign, Centennial Monograph, DataStreme Courses and more!

AMS Soundings November 2019

Planning for Boston, New AMS Statements, and 20 Years of JHM.

AMS Soundings October 2019

New AMS Policy Program Sponsor, upcoming meeting updates, and getting ready for Annual.

AMS Soundings September 2019

AMS Education Summer Workshops, upcoming webinars, and Annual Meeting information.

AMS Soundings August 2019

AMS Awards Season, page charge reductions and 2020 Elections.

AMS Soundings July 2019

Polar Meeting, Career Opportunities, and a new Podcast.

AMS Soundings June 2019

Graduation Gifts, Presidential Podcast, and Student Opportunities

AMS Soundings May 2019

New Statements and AMS Webinar program

AMS Soundings April 2019

100th Anniversary Campaign Update, Washington Forum, and Mahoney Lecture

AMS Soundings March 2019

Awards Nominations, ECLA, AMS on the Air, Career Corner AMA

AMS Soundings February 2019

Authors Using Kudos, The Thinking Person's Guide to Climate Change 2nd Edition, New Publications Commissioner

Special Edition: 99th Annual Meeting

Highlights from Phoenix

AMS Soundings January 2019

Centennial Calendar Weather Photo Contest, Mentoring, New Book Release

December 2018 AMS Soundings

End-of-year donations, Annual Meeting, AMS Policy Study on Forecasts for Water Resource Management